YouTube wants to avoid fake videos by linking to articles on Wikipedia — 2022

YouTube is full of videos that transmit totally false ideas to the users of the platform, something that ends up negatively affecting the entire society. From Google they want to put an end to this once and for all redirecting videos to Wikipedia articles on the topic of the video , but is Wikipedia reliable or not?

YouTube and Wikipedia together to avoid fake videos

Many times we sin to see an idea embodied in a news item in a newspaper or in a video on YouTube and we believe it automatically without looking for other types of reference to create our own idea of ​​a specific topic . This is to be solved by making it easy for the user to have a link under the video that leads to Wikipedia where they can find more information about it and a multitude of references to continue learning.

If we go to YouTube now, we can find numerous videos with totally absurd conspiracies, such as the idea that governments have introduced us to the idea that the Earth is round, but the simple reality is that it is flat . There are many flat earthers who do not stop spreading this idea through platforms as popular as these, making users end up believing it.

The list of videos that will be redirected to Wikipedia will grow progressively, starting with the most famous hoaxes such as flat earthing or the idea that the Moon was never reached. But, if YouTube knows about these videos, and can identify them for inclusion in a list like this, Can't you remove monetization or avoid advertising? I think that making money from ads conveying these confusing ideas should end.

And the big question, Is Wikipedia free of users who spread this type of conspiracy? Without a doubt, this decision by YouTube will bring a lot of work to Wikipedia since they will have to review these posts more frequently to prevent conspiracy theorists from editing the articles of the online encyclopedia and transmitting the same erroneous idea, as this would be a resounding failure.

I think that Wikipedia, which is a free edition encyclopedia, is not the best place to redirect, since it is not information supervised by experts. I think it should be redirected to much more reliable sources and contrasted by scientific experts or any other part of the knowledge.

We will have to see how they end up doing this implementation on Google's video platforms. Do you think this is a success? Tell us your opinion in the comment box.