Your passwords may be in danger and these are the reasons — 2022

Security on the Internet is very important and therefore you must use complex passwords to prevent someone from accessing your personal data, email accounts... According to a latest investigation by NordPass, The most used security keys in Spain have been 12345, 123456 and 123456789.

It should be remembered that a complex password must have at least 12 characters in addition to a combination of numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters to offer extra security. The best solution for it? Use a password generator What NordPass , which can generate more complex security keys. These programs take care of suggesting, remembering and auto-completing complex passwords without you having to remember or create complex combinations, making the whole process extremely simple.

Never use the same password on multiple accounts

Using the same password on multiple accounts is candy for hackers . Mainly because, if one account is compromised, the rest will be too. Do not use the same Netflix password for your social networks or email accounts. You risk all of them being hacked. With a password manager the problem would be solved very easily.

It should be remembered that security experts recommend changing passwords every 90 days to keep your accounts safe from possible attacks. And the truth is that changing passwords manually is a tedious process, so we recommend you bet on a good password manager that takes care of the work for you. For example, him NordPass Premium password manager would take care of the process, as well as identify weak passwords to improve them.

In short, if your passwords are secure and updated regularly, you will be sure that no one can access them. And if you want to avoid complications, it is best to use a password manager. The best choice? NordPass, which also now offers a special promotion for you to enjoy up to 70% discount on their premium plans. Without a doubt, one of the best password managers and that you can now get at a knockdown price.