Has your iPhone been stolen? This is how you should act — 2022

Having an iPhone is the same as having a very valuable item for all thieves in your hands. This is why you can be a victim throughout your life of the theft of your personal iPhone and you should know how to act in such cases. In this article we explain the steps you must follow so that the thief ends up stealing a real paperweight.

The first thing you should do

Something that you have to be very clear about is that in cases where you have lost your iPhone or it has been stolen, time will always play against you, which means that the sooner you carry out a series of actions, the more possibilities you will have to recover your beloved device. Fortunately, the Cupertino company is a company that, as you well know, is always very concerned about the privacy of its users and, therefore, has a series of possibilities that will help you have more chances of having your iPhone again. between your hands. Here we tell you what you have to do as soon as you realize that your team is no longer with you.

Turn on iPhone Lost Mode

We have always recommended having the 'Find My iPhone' feature enabled and configured. In this situation in which your terminal has been stolen, it will come in handy to be able to protect all your personal information. If this is your case and you have this function active on your iPhone, the first thing you should do is lock the device to prevent the thief from accessing your information. In this way, it can be said that he will have stolen a paperweight since he will not be able to use it for his own use, that is, he will simply have an object with which he will not be able to do practically anything. In addition, with this function activated, once you realize that your iPhone has been stolen or lost, the steps to follow to be able to use the lost mode are really simple. We leave them below.

  1. Access the website iCloud.com/find . It can be accessed from any device, regardless of the operating system it has.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID credentials.
  3. Find the device that was stolen from the list.
  4. Select the 'Mark as lost' option.

lost iphone

In this way, the device will be locked remotely with a code that only you will know. You can also display a message on the screen in case it is found by someone and in this way, that person will know that it is yours and, above all, they will have a way to contact you to return the iPhone. To this is added the payment inactivation through Apple Pay so that all your cards are totally safe and nobody can use them. It is important to put a suitable text on the iPhone with the data that is needed to be able to contact you with the lost mode. Many times the thieves, seeing that nothing can be done with the locked iPhone, leave it lying in the middle of the street, since obviously they are hardly going to take him to a police station. In these cases someone can find it and through the contact information you specify it can reach you again.

Try to locate it if possible

In case you have another Apple device like an iPad or a Mac, you can use the 'Search' app. When you enter this you will see a map with the location of each of your device, and at the bottom there will be a list where you can select the iPhone that has been stolen. By pressing you will see all your information as well as the option to activate the lost mode that will have the same characteristics that we have previously commented on.

Through this map, if the iPhone has not been turned off, the position of the device will be recorded in real time. Obviously, if it is moving and you are aware that it has been stolen, it is not advisable to go to the location and confront the thief. But it is very valuable information that can be used by the security forces to find it themselves by knowing where to go to carry out the appropriate procedures, as we will discuss below.

Also, another way that can help you if you use it very soon is to use the Apple Watch to try to locate it. Perhaps you are not sure if the iPhone has been stolen or, on the contrary, you have lost it and it may be near you in some corner or street corner. Well, if you have an Apple Watch, first of all you can check if the terminal is nearby, since it will or will not maintain the connection with it. In case the connection is valid, you can make use of the alert that the Apple watch has in its control center, through which, after pressing it, it will make the iPhone emit a sound and, thus, you will be able to find it.

If you have contracted insurance

When buying an iPhone there are numerous options on the table to take out insurance. There are many companies that insure the mobile but not only against breakage as is the most traditional, but also against theft and loss. In the case of Apple, it is not officially offered within the AppleCare+ package in Spain, but there are alternatives that you have to take into account, especially if you are a person who tends to lose your smartphone. Through the corresponding complaint you can open a claim so that the price of the device is returned to you.

iPhone with case

It is important to keep in mind that in many cases they will not offer you an identical and new device, but they will give you a refurbished device or even a deposit with the value of the device at that very moment. That is why one of the first things you should do is make an inquiry with the insurer about the conditions in the case of theft, so you don't get any surprises. In some cases, it may be the fact that the home insurance itself includes different clauses for this type of theft, so you can also consult it.

Actions that will leave you calmer

Once you have locked the iPhone and made it useless for anyone outside, there are other actions that can allow you to find the device. In addition, among the proposals that we show you, it is allowed to block the rest of the personal information, since although once the iPhone is blocked, the person who has it will not be able to access it, this will make you feel much calmer that nobody will be able to access such information.

Complaint to the authorities

Once you have activated the lost mode it is important to quickly to the nearest police station. Once here you must file a theft report incorporating all the iPhone data that has been stolen. Among these data it is important to detail the iPhone model and also its serial number and IMEI . You will find this data in the box of the device, but if you are proactive you will have located it previously and you will always have it written down in an accessible note.

iPhone Police Apple

In the event that the thief has not remembered to turn off the device and you can track the location at all times, it is important not to go to the marked site alone. It is always advisable to go with this location to the police station so that the authorities are the ones who travel and can intervene the iPhone and the thief. In short, all the data you have about the location of the device is necessary to provide them together in the complaint.

Contact your telephone operator

In order to prevent the thief of your iPhone from making calls, sending an SMS or consuming your data rate, it is important to contact the telephone company. When reporting the theft, the operator will be able to telematically lock sim card and deactivate it to be able to issue you a new one. It is important that this step is done as quickly as possible to avoid that if something criminal is done with this iPhone they can target your person. The complaint that we have previously mentioned is also a good shield against possible repercussions of theft.

But do not worry, since at any time you can have an exact replacement for this SIM card. The only problem you will have is that you will surely have to pay the amount of this duplicate, which is not too expensive. This allows you to have the mobile and data line active after the theft in a new device. The only problem is that if you have the contacts stored on the SIM card itself, they cannot be recovered and that is why you always have to keep them in the cloud.


change the passwords

In addition to blocking the iPhone and also filing the corresponding complaint, it is important to change the passwords of all services. Starting with the Apple ID password and including that of social networks and other websites such as Facebook or Twitter. This will log you out of the stolen iPhone and make sure that all your data is safe without anyone being able to access it.

It is important too remove iPhone from the list of trusted devices . This will prevent two-factor authentication codes from being sent to the iPhone, increasing your security. To perform this simple task, simply go to your Apple ID account page and go to the 'Devices' section. Here you can remove your stolen iPhone from the trusted list with one touch.

Remove it from your device list

In the event that you want to make sure that no one can access your personal data or credit cards, you can delete it remotely through the Search application or on the website that we mentioned above. Next to the option to activate lost mode, you will find the option 'wipe the contents of the device' . This way all data will be remotely erased.

lost iphone

But it is important not to delete the iPhone from the device list, as it would remove the iCloud lock. This would mean that if the thief turns on the device, he will not be asked for any unlock credentials and will be able to use it freely as his personal iPhone. At any time you can receive a notification on another device about movements arising from the device or any other event that occurs with the device being in lost mode.

What to do if the iPhone appears again

In the event that luck smiles at you and after having carried out all the steps that we have recommended previously, your iPhone reappears, what we recommend you do is to contact Apple technical service again and be able, In this way, unlock your device to use it again and enjoy your iPhone again. This is something that can also be done from the company's website or even in the Search application of another iPhone.

It is also convenient in these cases to go to the police to be able to withdraw the complaint that has been made. The only thing that should not be modified for security is the fact of making a change in the SIM card, completely canceling the oldest one. This will ensure the security of all your personal data. Neither do you have to change the passwords to the ones you had previously, since it is always possible that they have been able to obtain this information.

And you, have you suffered an iPhone theft?