Is your iPhone 11 screen broken? This will cost you to change it — 2022

Having a mobile with a broken screen is, luckily or unfortunately, quite common. It is probably more misfortune than anything else, since in the end, an essential part of the device is being lost, even if it is simply aesthetically. That is why in this post we will tell you how much it costs to change the screen of an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, either in an Apple Store or in some other stores.

It doesn't matter how the screen is broken

There are many types of bumps and drops to your iPhone, and just about any of them could result in a broken screen. irreparable . Yes, irreparable, since elements as delicate as the panels of a smartphone are not repaired, but rather completely changed. Perhaps there may be some part that is saved, but technical support will already manage that, since the screen they put on you will be completely new.

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Therefore, it will not matter if it is completely cracked or has some small scratches, as well as whether the touch part works or not. There are even times when the screen is apparently fine except for a pixel that has become defective and is black.

Do you have insurance on the iPhone?

If you added insurance when you bought your iPhone 11, it's possible that your screen repair could be free . It will depend on the conditions that you signed at the time, which you should consult in the contract or by asking the insurance company directly. If the device it is still in its first year of warranty , you will be able to manage the repair with your company and with Apple, the latter being the ones who agree to change it.

There are also certain home insurance that can cover possible claims with mobile devices, which is also something that you should also check with them. If the insurance you contracted in the purchase was Apple Care o Apple Care+ you'll be in luck, since it offers a discount on screen changes, being able to replace them with 29 euros.

In an Apple Store

The Apple Store is the most suitable place to replace the screen of your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. Not only because the parts are original, but also because they will give you warranty for a period of time of at least 6 months. Yes, you must first ask for a date through the apple website or the Technical Support app.

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The price of the repair if you do not have any insurance will be:

    iPhone 11:€221.10. iPhone 11 Pro:311, 10 euros. iPhone 11 Pro Max:€361.10.
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It should be noted that if you cannot go to a physical store they can pick up the iPhone at your home , although in this case there is an additional cost of €12.10 for shipping costs.

It probably surprises you that an iPhone 11 Pro costs more to repair the screen than an iPhone 11 when the latter is larger. The reason is not so much the size as the materials. The 'Pro' model mounts OLED panels, whose cost is higher than that of the LCD materials with which the iPhone 11 screens are made.

Prices in Premium Reseller

The Premium Reseller are a series of SAT (Authorized Technical Service) that offer not only products but also repair services. In fact, the aesthetics of its stores is very similar to those of the Apple Store. They are useful in those places where there are no official Apple stores, but they also stand out for having on occasions lower repair prices than in company stores.

Unfortunately, not all of them offer a public price, so you will have to consult them directly. For example Rosellimac The Intecat . One of the Premium Reseller that does offer public prices is K-Garden , being able to find these prices:

    iPhone 11:209 euros. iPhone 11 Pro:309 euros. iPhone 11 Pro Max:359 euros.

As you will see, the latter is not that they have a much lower price than Apple, but it is at least a considerable discount. We insist on emphasizing that they are not the only ones, since other stores of this style usually have lower prices.

In large surfaces

In department stores such as Mediamarkt, Worten, El Corte Inglés, Fnac and several others, they offer technical service capable of repairing the screen of an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. These will be of quality, that is, we will not have bad parts that break due to Complete set of device. However, they may not be one hundred percent original parts, so we recommend consulting these places beforehand about it to know for sure what components they handle.

Unauthorized dealers

In the end, each person is free to go to one place or another to repair their device, it would only be missing. However, we always recommend going to a service that is authorized or that at least guarantees the original parts. There are some other stores that may be able to offer you the screen change service on your iPhone 11 for an exaggeratedly lower price. It is not that they are deceiving you, since really the pieces that will put you they will not be of the same quality.

You will be able to continue enjoying your iPhone and in fact everything will work fine, despite the fact that there will be a warning in Settings that there is an aftermarket component. However, you will notice a lot of difference in colors and brightness compared to the original, in addition to you will lose the warranty with Apple the device has been tampered with in an unauthorized place. Therefore, we recommend thinking carefully about this option before going with your iPhone 11 or 11 Pro.