Does your Apple Watch burn? Solution to overheating — 2022

That the Apple Watch burns you or you notice that it is hotter than it should be is an obvious symptom that something is wrong. Heat is never a good friend of technological devices and in fact it is one of the external factors that can most damage components such as the battery or others. Therefore, in this article we will show you what are the possible causes of the watch overheating, as well as what you should do to prevent it from happening.

The importance of this problem

The fact that there may be a simple solution to this problem, something that we will also discuss in this article, the truth is that this does not make the problem unimportant. It is relevant because, in addition to being uncomfortable, it could be harmful to the device. In the following sections we will comment on something else so that you can better understand where this problem comes from.

What does this warming imply?

The temperature of technological devices is a key point when it comes to keeping it in good condition for a long time, so it is best to avoid high temperatures in your Apple Watch as much as possible. One of the parts of the device that is most affected by an excessively high temperature is the battery. In fact, it is the high temperatures that cause it to degrade more quickly.

In addition, the usual thing when your Apple watch detects that it is at excessively high temperatures is that it tries in every possible way to reduce that heat. slowing down all apple watch operation , so you will notice that your device works much slower than usual. There may even be a situation where it is practically unmanageable, although it must be said that it does not have a system like the iPhone and iPad that blocks the device completely until the internal temperature is reduced.

Apple Watch

Possible causes of heating

The heat source of your Apple Watch can have many different sources, however there are three that are the most common:

    Exposure to high temperaturesIt is one of the most common causes of this problem. Also if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, this being common on beaches and the like. Processes that consume a lot of resourcesand that therefore they put the processor to the test and it heats up, becoming a real hotbed of temperature. Use of faulty chargersor that, since they are not original, they may be producing some kind of problem that causes the watch's load to not be as optimized as it should and overheating.

We leave aside a factor that in a certain way can be habitual, but that in the end does not depend on the use that has been made of the watch. We refer to the fact that the device comes with a factory defect that is displayed in this way, heating the watch excessively for no apparent reason that can justify it.

The best way to prevent this problem

Here are some tips that we recommend you follow when using your Apple Watch if you want to avoid these problems and that are also a consequence of the previous point referring to the causes:

  • When you connect both the Apple Watch, with its charging cable and its adapter to the current, keep in mind that there is a heating of the charging process. If this heating is not very high, do not worry too much.
  • Once the Apple Watch is charging, neither the magnetic charging cable, nor the Apple Watch, nor the power adapter can be in contact with the skin. It could be dangerous both for the watch itself and for you.
  • Try to keep the watch in a ventilated area during the charging process and where temperatures are not too high to ensure that the environment does not favor overheating.
  • Avoid using the device for a long period of time using mobile data, as this generates higher consumption and the temperature may rise.
  • During the charging process, the device, charging cable and adapter should be in a ventilated area.
  • If the Apple Watch gets too hot and bothers you, take it off your wrist. If you also suffer from any condition that prevents you from correctly detecting heat in the body, be especially careful.

Solutions to Lower Apple Watch Temperature

At this point, it is time to know how to act so that the watch works correctly again and at an optimal temperature that does not put its integrity or your own at risk. We see it in the following sections.

Close all apps

As we mentioned before, one of the possible causes that your Apple Watch has acquired too high a temperature could be that one of the applications that you have open is trying to carry out a series of processes in an erroneous way and therefore is consuming more resources from the usual. Therefore, in order to mitigate this problem, what you have to do is close the applications that you have open on your device and, after a few minutes, check again if the excessive heating has been eliminated.

If you think it is necessary, turn off completely watch and wait several minutes for the temperature to stabilize. Once started again you must be attentive to see if it rises again in temperature. You can even test the use of the apps to check if there is one with which it warms up and, in that case, uninstall it and contact the developer to warn them of the problem and that they can solve it if it is a widespread problem among users. users who use it.

Take it out of the charger

The heating of the Apple Watch during charging is something usual and normal as we have been commenting, but always within limits. If you notice that the device during charging heats up to temperatures outside the ranges set by Apple, what we recommend is that you remove the Apple Watch from the charger and, once it has returned to the usual temperature, try charging again.

It is advisable that if you have any other charger and if possible original, try to load it with it. You can even do different tests by changing cables and power adapters, since these could be the cause of heating due to some type of manufacturing defect or because they have been damaged over time. They may even just be bad chargers if they are not the official ones.

Unpair and re-pair it to the iPhone

If none of the solutions proposed above has helped you, it may be that in this case what is causing the excessive heating of the watch is the connection with the iPhone, so, in this case, what we recommend is that you eliminate the link existing between the two. After a few minutes have passed, when the Apple Watch has returned to its usual temperature, pair it with your iPhone again.

To unlink the Apple Watch, what you have to do is, on your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, once inside you must go to the My Watch tab and then click on All watches, located in the upper left part of the screen . Once there, it will be as simple as pressing the i that accompanies the name of your watch and then clicking on the Unlink the Apple Watch option that appears at the bottom.

Unpair Apple Watch

Update to the latest version of watchOS

Apple is continually offering its users new versions of its operating systems, which means that functional new features are implemented for the watch from time to time. However, watchOS updates also bring improvements at the security level and, above all, error correction . If your watch is really affected by some kind of bug caused by the software, it is best to have it updated.

To do this you can go, on the watch itself, to Settings> General> Software update. If an error appears or you don't find it comfortable, you should know that there is the possibility of doing it from the iPhone following a similar procedure. It is to open the Watch application, go to the My Watch tab and then General > Software update. Once there, the latest version of watchOS available for download and subsequent installation should appear, although you must remember that the watch must be charging and with at least 5% battery so that the update can be completed.

If you can't fix it at all

Once you have checked everything discussed in this post, you should have no heating problems. But obviously if you've come this far it's because you still have them. At this point there is not much more you can do, so you will have to seek professional help . Given the peculiarities of the Apple Watch, and even more so if it is under warranty, it is advisable to request an appointment with Apple's technical service or, failing that, with a SAT.

Once you go to one of these establishments, one of their professionals will carry out a diagnosis of the watch to check what the fault is and offer you the best possible solution. We do not know more details because there may be several causes for this, although you should know that if it is a factory problem, it will be covered by the warranty and you will not have to pay anything for its repair or replacement.