Is your AirPods case not charging? so you can fix it — 2022

Any Apple product has a chance of failing at some point in its lifespan. The AirPods case does not escape this probability and may present a problem when recharging. On many occasions the cause of this error and the solution are really simple, so in this article we analyze what those reasons are and what you should do. We also inform you of the steps to follow if you cannot solve this problem with the charging of the AirPods case.

Check the charging port

In certain occasions the charging port of the AirPods case may have dirt that prevents your load. This can be a common thing since they are always moved inside pockets and bags and lint is very present. Something very characteristic in these cases is that the charging cable does not enter correctly and it is necessary to bend it in a strange way so that it can penetrate correctly. This is an indication that the port is dirty.

In order to clean it, the first thing is to observe the port with the light, it can be used with the iPhone flashlight, and check if there is any lint. If you locate it, you can get a needle and insert it so that you can always remove it very carefully. Another option may be to use a vacuum cleaner or a home pressurized air canister in order to remove any residue that may exist, if you are going to choose to introduce a pointed object inside the Lightning port, our recommendation is that you do not do it, but in this case be very careful since it is possible that you could damage the port itself, the remedy being worse than the disease. But by looking at the port you can also detect if it is slightly crooked or if any hair is loose. In these cases, you must contact Apple to request a replacement as we will tell you later, since in these cases there is no way to fix it from home.

AirPods Pro

Change the cable you use

The problem may not be with the AirPods case itself, but with the cable you're using. We must always keep in mind that Apple-certified cables must be used, or that it is the same, that it has the mfi-certified . Sometimes to save money, cables are bought that are not entirely safe and that can be damaged for no reason and even damage the case. This is because the construction is not of quality and the materials used do not transmit constant power, which can end up causing many problems in the charging case. The most advisable thing in these cases is that you can verify that the problem is not with the cable. Surely you have a relative or friend around you who has an original Apple cable, if this is the case, our recommendation is that you try to charge the AirPods with said cable to confirm if the problem is in the box or if on the contrary , all you have to do is buy a new cable.

It is also necessary to avoid the use of cables that have been damaged and that have broken in a specific area. Normally these breaks are fixed at home with electrical tape, but this is a big mistake. That is why to do this check, you have to take another cable that you have at home to connect it and see if it works. In the event that this is the problem, you already know that you must get another new cable and it is important that it is certified.

Check the power adapter

In addition to the cable, another of the components involved in charging is the current adapter, the well-known charger. As in the previous case, it is important that a charger certified by Apple is used and that it offers an adequate voltage for the AirPods case. It is possible that this has stopped working and you can check it very easily using another charger or by connecting the charging case through the USB port of a PC or a Mac. It can also be used if you have an external battery at home, you just have to connect the AirPods to it and check if they charge.

The socket itself that the charger is connected to can also be responsible for this problem. From Apple they recommend checking that the charger is fully attached to the plug, leaving no free space, and obviously the most logical thing is to try different plugs throughout the house. It is important to remember that if you want to take care of the battery in the AirPods case, you have to use a charger that offers a slow charge, with 5W of power it could be more than correct.

If what fails is wireless charging

Only AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, and a version of AirPods 2 allow this type of charging, and since AirPods 3 launched, they and AirPods Pro models sold since then also support MagSafe charging. If your headphones are one of these and you are detecting the problem in a charging case with wireless charging, the best thing you can do is check if the charging base you use is working properly. You can place any other mobile device compatible with Qi charging on top. If it starts to charge, the problem is not in the charging base, but in the battery of your case. If it does not load in any of the ways, then it is logical to think that you must change the charging base although it is always interesting to try another base that you may have at home.

AirPods Pro

Try to charge it through a cable in a traditional way to check if there is no possible way to charge them. In the event that it does not charge in any of the ways, not even by reviewing the steps that we have mentioned previously, you should contact Apple as we tell you below.

If none of the above works

If none of these tips have helped you solve the problem, the best thing you can do is contact Apple. They have verification methods that guarantee that they will be able to find the origin of the problem, thus giving you the best solution. Therefore, there are several things you should keep in mind:

Request an appointment at Apple or a SAT

Both the Apple Store and the well-known SAT (Authorized Technical Service) have the following ways to request an appointment:

    Telephone: 900 150 503 is free. Apple website:In the Support section you can choose your problem and request assistance for the repair. App Support:It is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Apple Store Alone

Our recommendation when always going to Apple's technical service is to do it through the application that the Cupertino company has developed for it, since it is the most comfortable and simple way to obtain a solution when you have a problem with Apple equipment, either software or hardware. In just a few seconds you will find yourself asking for an appointment so that a specialist can solve your problem with the AirPods battery, in addition to also offering you all the ways through which you can send your headphones to Apple in case you cannot physically go to one of its stores. That yes, you have to take into account that the fact that you have to send your headphones to be repaired will mean that you will not be able to have them for a while, while if you go in person to the Apple Store, the most common in these cases is that you come out of it with the problem solved in a few minutes.

Request remote repair

If for any reason you cannot or do not want to physically go to technical support, Apple offers a collection service through an external courier company that will come to your home to collect the AirPods. They usually carry the packaging so that you only have to store it and deliver it. Then they will take it to the technical service and they will keep in contact with you to inform you about the problem, the price of the repair and the time it will take to receive the repaired product. It should be noted that an additional cost may be added as a deposit, which will be deducted from the final price of the repair or will be paid in full if the repair ends up being free.

Price of replacing an AirPods case

Regardless of whether you go to Apple or a SAT, you will always be given the estimate for the repair beforehand, which you can accept or not without any commitment. The company does not repair the case , but offers you a completely original and functional new replacement. Can be free if it is verified that the problem is due to a factory defect and not to misuse on your part. The prices in any other case are as follows:

  • Wireless charging case for AirPods Pro: 99 euros.
  • Wireless charging case for AirPods: 75 euros.
  • Charging case for AirPods: 65 euros.
  • If the problem is with the battery in the case: 55 euros.
  • Any case having AppleCare+ contracted: 29 euros.

Why not go to an unauthorized service?

On any Apple device, like many other brands, the guarantee is lost at the time they are manipulated by technicians who do not have their authorization. This at first could already be a compelling reason to think about it. In any case, there are other factors to take into account and that is that for AirPods, unlike a Mac or iPhone, there are not so many parts on the market for a technician to repair on their own. In fact, the complexity of some headphones means that they are not repairable, but completely new ones are offered. If you find an unauthorized establishment that offers the possibility of repairing your AirPods, you should be suspicious for this reason, since the experience with non-original parts could be very different. It is understandable that they can offer more attractive prices, but if you finally decide to go to one, it is advisable that you check all the conditions well to avoid later problems and always do so at your own risk.