Australian teen who hacked into Apple servers paroled — 2022

In recent months we have seen how some young hackers made headlines for their great computer skills, since they had managed to break into Apple's servers and download a large amount of information. This action is a serious crime and obviously the teenagers were arrested. The first, aged 16, was recently paroled, and the second, aged just 13, has also recently been paroled. In this article we refresh your memory of what these young people did and why they have been released.

The young people who managed to hack Apple, released

The truth is that for such young hackers, they pushed Apple to the limit to find out what information they had managed to download. Initially, these high school students gained access to the servers and downloaded a total of one terabyte of secure files. Obviously this attack could have provokedcrashes on apple servers.

From Apple to call for calm at first they said that Only 90GB had been downloaded but the reality was quite different. The information obtained at first would not have been disseminated in any way and would not compromise the security of the users itself.

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From Apple to be able to find the criminals, they realized that despite using a VPN system to hide their location, the serial number of the MacBook they used to carry out these attacks was registered. Thanks to this they were able to detect that the attacks had been carried out from Australia.

Once both cases have been brought to justice, the courts have agreed to release them on parole as they have found three mitigating factors: they are both teenagers, they have not caused any major harm and the crimes are not serious . The young people were simply looking for Apple to notice them and their capabilities in the field of security so that they would be offered a job.

From Apple they have not wanted to confirm if in the end they have taken the resumes of these two teenagers, but they have wanted to highlight that they are constantly monitoring the servers so they can respond sooner to security threats. Again they wanted to emphasize that the personal data of users was not compromised in this security attack from the minds of two teenagers who just wanted to work in the Apple Park.

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