Do you want to stream with your Mac? this you should know — 2022

Streaming is an action that has become quite popular lately. The platforms that host them have significantly increased their users and that is why there is a good chance that you are interested in doing a direct with your Mac. In this article we explain everything you need to know to do these direct on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Live.

What you should know before you start streaming

Keep in mind that to perform a streaming you have to carry out a previous installation process. It is not enough to just open the computer and hit a button to be live, but below we will tell you everything you must take into account before making your way to becoming a true streamer.

Requirements that you must meet

To stream, you don't need to have absolutely top hardware. Everything will depend on the program that is going to be used as a communication channel with the server itself. In general, you have to keep in mind that this type of program needs to encode the information and this is done in the CPU and also in the integrated GPU that you have at that moment in your Mac.

In this case, it is important to note that you must have an adequate CPU, recommending in this case to have an M1 chip to be able to carry out these tasks. This is because a higher heat generation can be produced in an Intel processor, eventually causing different problems. In addition, it is also recommended to have a Mac that has good ventilation to be able to counteract all these problems.

The programs you can install

In order to broadcast content, it is logical that a specialized program should be used. Unfortunately, in macOS the number of these programs is not very abundant compared to Windows, where there is a greater number of this transmission software. Likewise, below we show you the most interesting options today.


This is one of the most famous programs that is used to broadcast on the main streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. It offers all the tools that are necessary to be able to capture the screen and also the sound as well as integrate many other functionalities. But the most interesting of all is that it has Open Source and it is completely gratuitous making it the best option that can exist in macOS.

With a single transmission key you will be able to retransmit your content regardless of where you are registered. As we have mentioned before, the program is prepared to carry out different montages live so that you have the most personalized experience possible. Although, it does have a serious problem with the interface it uses as it can look quite old. In these cases, some skins can be installed, such as StreamLabs.

Download NOTE


Live streaming and production software designed for multiple platforms. It stands out above all Facebook Live, YouTube or Twitch. It has all the necessary tools to be able to carry out different transitions in a safe and comfortable way. In addition, the interface is quite attractive and allows you to always have many options on the screen to edit the way in which you are transmitting the different contents.


Likewise, different transmission skins can also be installed so that it can be displayed on the screen. In other words, if you want a specific frame to appear around your cameras, it is possible to do so comfortably. You can even design it yourself in Photoshop and quickly include it in your scene. And speaking of the scenes, you can customize them to your liking and include all the multimedia elements you need, such as a screenshot or another element such as a webcam.

Download Vmax

What you should know about the transmission key

Keep in mind that to perform a streaming you must have a transmission key. This is one of the most important codes for any streamer since it is responsible for connecting the software you are going to use with the platform on which the live stream is going to be viewed. Normally this is a large and complex key that you should not memorize and that always remains hidden and should not be shared for the world.

When a live is going to be made, you are not asked to log in to Twitch, YouTube or any similar platform. The identification and connection system is the alphanumeric key that provides the service and that will make the connection with the server. That is why with this key anyone can broadcast on your channel without you finding out anything, being really important that it always be kept secret.

transmission key

how to get it

The big question you can ask yourself is how you can get this key. The process varies depending on the platform you have chosen to be able to make your broadcast such as Twitch or YouTube. In general, this is a key that, as we have previously commented, is hidden . On all platforms you will always be asked to identify yourself in order to access it and it will be hidden by default. This is designed so that you simply copy the key and paste it into the transmission program without you being able to finish seeing it yourself, thus guaranteeing privacy. Likewise, at all times, the option to revoke the transmission key will be given and another one will be offered in the case, canceling the previous one if it has been stolen or hacked.

Depending on the platform you use to stream, the location of the key may vary. In general, it can be found within the platform configuration in the section dedicated to transmission. But as we say, everything can vary between all the platforms that exist today to make this type of content.

Preparing everything for the broadcast

When you already have the programs downloaded, you have to start preparing the corresponding broadcast so that everything goes correctly. Below we tell you the points that you must take into account if you use macOS so that you do not have problems and know how to control the problems that may arise.

Grant all permissions

One of the differences that can occur with Windows and that must always be keep in mind is privacy . In Windows the fact of having permissions is not as important as it is in macOS where it is much more evident that this is a completely mandatory step. That is why when starting the program it is important to grant all the permissions required for it to work correctly. We refer to camera and microphone permissions. In the event that they are not granted, the specific streaming program cannot be used correctly.

It is also important that when recording the screen the necessary permissions are granted to be able to apply all the functionalities of the program. Likewise, when installing you will probably also be asked to accept some permissions for being a developer that is not trusted by Apple itself. But as we say, this is the most differential thing that you will be able to find with Windows to be able to start directly on your favorite platform.

macbook pro m1

Reviewing the scenes and what you are capturing

Once you have the broadcast key entered in the streaming program, it's time to prepare all the scenes you want to have on screen. You should know that within a scene you can have very different elements to change throughout a broadcast. This is very similar to what you have on a television where graphics change through transitions.

As we have mentioned, in each of the scenes you can have different elements. The most common is to have an input of the image of your camera and also of the sound system. Streaming systems allow you to always choose what type of microphone you have connected to the Mac, you can choose quickly. Even you will not be obliged to use the webcam that you have integrated since another camera that has a higher image quality can also be connected.

Likewise, if you are a person who is going to dedicate yourself to broadcasting some type of video game, you must capture the screen of your Mac or that of another monitor on which something else is projected. This is something really important and that is also integrated into the scene itself. Likewise, it is always possible to dedicate yourself solely to broadcasting only your face speaking to your audience, which is something that has become popular lately.

When you have all these parameters configured, it is time to start the live show and let everyone see what you are showing on the screen or also through the camera itself. During this process you can always have a window with the transmission chat. In this way, it will be much easier for you to interact with your entire community without leaving the streaming tool itself.

What problems can arise?

Keep in mind that when trying to stream on macOS, some problems may arise that end up causing you to not be able to perform this action correctly. The most common problem may be related to the hardware itself that is being used. Depending on the Mac being used, you may eventually end up noticing a increase in hardware temperature, and also a slowdown.

Keep in mind that when you are streaming, you are making a fairly significant use of the CPU and also of the GPU. These components are used to be able to process the image that is being captured to send it to the servers. Likewise, it should also be taken into account that if you are playing while you are streaming, it is possible that the Mac does not have the capacity to do the two tasks simultaneously. That is why you must always take into account the limitations of the hardware to be able to carry out this type of task, as there is generally no dedicated graphics card available.

In a second point, the compatibility limitations that can be presented should be highlighted. While in Windows these programs have been able to adapt very well, in macOS this has not happened. This is because a Mac is not designed for the gaming world as is the case with a PC, meaning that there is not much variety in software and it is more limited. Also, those that can be installed can end up causing some relevant incompatibility.