Do you want to buy an Apple Watch? you should keep this in mind — 2022

If you are thinking of buying an Apple Watch, you probably want to know several things beforehand. In this article we review three major sections that, at least in our opinion, you should know before proceeding to buy your smartwatch. Features, prices and how to choose the most suitable head these three sections.

Its most outstanding functions

The great functionalities of the Apple Watch, in addition to telling the time as one of the company's slogans says, are divided into several types:

    Health:In this field, the Apple Watch offers the possibility of measuring the heart rate, performing electrocardiograms and even measuring the level of oxygen in the blood. Not in all models, but in the most advanced ones. Functions that, despite not replacing a medical instrument, can serve as indicators to go to them if something goes wrong. Sport:Being able to carry out sports training and obtain data and statistics about them is another of the attractions of this smartwatch, which also challenges you not to lead a sedentary life with the well-known activity rings that motivate you to exercise, get up and burn off every day. calories.

Apple Watch Activity Rings

    Notifications:Although answering them from the clock is not always the most comfortable, you can be aware of the alerts that your iPhone receives without having to take it out. Others:In addition to these aforementioned functions, there are other interesting ones such as being able to listen to music with connected AirPods without using the iPhone, unlocking a Mac without having to enter passwords or making payments using Apple Pay from your wrist.

These are their current prices

If you want to buy one of these watches, you should know that there are several models for sale and that they have different starting prices. Below are the base prices of them, which increase depending on whether you choose a version with LTE or choose higher priced straps:

    Apple Watch Series 3:
    • 38mm version: from 219 euros
    • 42mm version: from 240 euros
    Apple Watch SE:
    • 40mm version: from 299 euros
    • 44mm version: from 329 euros
    Apple Watch Series 7:
    • 41mm version: from 429 euros
    • 45mm version: from 459 euros

It should be noted that it is also possible to find other models in stores other than Apple and that their prices may vary. It is also possible to find discounted prices on sites like Wallapop and the like, having good chances offind second hand apple watch. Also, if you're thinking of trading in your Series 4,comparing the Apple Watch Series 7 with the Apple Watch Series 4, surely it is the model from which it is worth changing your watch for the new one.

Analyze your needs well

Once you know the above, it's time to choose one. And although the analysis of these devices is broader and in fact you could find them on this same website, in broad strokes these are the main differences between one and the other.

apple watch

FunctionsApple Watch Series 3Apple Watch SEApple Watch Series 7
-Stainless steel
bezels on the screen4,5 mm3 mm1,7 mm
SubmersibleYes (50 m)Yes (50 m)Yes (50 m)
sports trackingYesYesYes
Pulse MeasurementYesYesYes
fall detectionDo notYesYes
Possibility of performing ECGDo notDo notYes
oxygen measurementDo notDo notYes
Always On Display functionDo notDo notYes

Depending on what you need and taking into account the price, you can make an assessment of which one compensates you more. Is the Series 7 the best? Without a doubt, although this does not mean that it is the most suitable for you and possibly with one of the others you can feel satisfied and save money in the process.