Do you want to be scared? Download these horror games on your iPhone — 2022

In many situations we need a large adrenaline rush to be able to distract ourselves leaving aside those simulation or kitchen games, to bet fully on horror games. In the App Store we can find a large number of games of this type for both iPhone and iPad and in this article we will make a compilation of the most important ones.

Escape from fear with these games

One of the most common themes in horror games is having the mission to escape and that is exactly what the games that we are going to talk about next are about. In all of them there is an evil character who tries to catch you to kill you or, even worse, to make you suffer, and all you have to do is put all your energy into escaping from that agonizing situation. Described it doesn't sound so scary but with these games you will be able to get into the skin of the character and live that terrifying experience.

Evil Nun: The Horror’s Creed

Evil Nun

Evil Nun: The Horror Evil Nun: The Horror Descargar QR-Code Evil Nun: The Horror 's Creed Developer: KEPLERIANS SL

If you are a lover of horror adventures, this may be one of your favorite games. In short, we will be before a nun who begins a satanic ritual of which she is a part. You must run away from this ritual If you don't want to end up badly dropping out of school with all the stress that goes with it. But leaving the school won't be easy at all since the nun will hear every move you make, so you'll have to hide where you can and solve different puzzles to leave the building.

Actually, all satanic rituals never go well, therefore, at no time can it be a good idea to stay and enjoy it, even more so if it is in the hands of an evil nun, who also has the power to listen to practically everything that happens to her. your surroundings. You will have to learn to hide very well and take advantage of the right moment to move forward until you find the exit from this dark school. A recommendation made by the developers themselves is that you put on some good headphones to play, in this way you will get much more fully into the entire atmosphere of terror.

Horrorfield, a game to share with friends


Horrorfield Scary Hideout Horrorfield Scary Hideout Descargar QR-Code Horrorfield Scary Hideout Developer: SKYTEC GAMES INC

This time Horrorfield is designed to be played with other people in real time. Total a group of 7 survivors will be formed, each with a different role, who must work together to escape. These roles include, for example, the basketball player, the doctor, the thief, the mercenary or the police officer. Each one has capabilities that the other does not, so you must be very careful so that the butcher does not catch any of them.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, the theme of escaping from an evil character is one of the most used in horror games, but it does not stop being exciting and terrifying in equal parts, even more so if you can share all that experience with other players who share the same goal as you, escape from the clutches of the evil angry butcher, who is only looking for someone to catch and sacrifice. Each character has special and different abilities, so you will have to choose the one with which you think you have the most options to escape from the clutches of the butcher.

Horror Escape Room Aventura

Horror Escape Room Aventura

Horror Escape Room Aventura Horror Escape Room Aventura Descargar QR-Code Horror Escape Room Aventura Developer: ARPAplus

Without a doubt, the developers want to enhance the feeling of being overwhelmed when we find ourselves locked up but now in a video game. That is why Horror Escape Room Adventure stands out for its very interesting graphics in the rooms from which we must escape. In each of these there are different objects that we have to collect and investigate in order to move forward through the facilities with the ultimate goal of leaving safe and sound.

You can move around the haunted house, always with the aim of getting out of there alive. To do this you will have to solve mysterious riddles that allow you to get out of each and every one of the rooms that form the way out. This game will make you have to use all your logical skills to be able to solve the different puzzles that will lead you to your salvation. The graphics of this game are very realistic, combined with high quality animated art that will fully immerse you in all the terrifying environment that surrounds this game.

Other horror games with different themes

Not everything is going to be escaping from the clutches of an evil character. Fortunately, the App Store has a huge variety of alternatives so that all users can enjoy different themes of horror games. Then we leave you with more games that will make your hair stand on end and that will put fear in your body, yes, you will have to overcome that terror to be able to emerge victorious in each of the situations in which you will find.

Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror Zombie Night Terror Descargar QR-Code Zombie Night Terror Developer: Plug In Digital

The normal thing is to get in front of a large number of undead and shoot without restraint to finish them off or simply escape. This is what the typical horror games that try to overwhelm us have accustomed us to, but in Zombie Night Terror things change a lot since here the mission n will consist of ensuring that the infection ends up spreading. It all starts with a new drug called Romero that, when injected, causes anyone to become a zombie. In the end, what it is about is to grow a large zombie army to spread the disease throughout the world.

The great complication lies in when these subjects are warned of what is coming. from this moment or it will be quite complicated to infect new people who will hide as is logical. With this game the usual roles in all horror games are changed, and you become the horror character from which the rest of the characters have to escape so that you don't manage to infect them and create world chaos.

Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room

Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room

Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room Descargar QR-Code Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room Developer: KEPLERIANS SL

It seems that the butcher profession is very predisposed to be dangerous, not so much for the person himself, but for the rest of the population. In this case, this game Mr. Heat: Horror Escape Room consists of you being the hero who is capable of rescuing the girl who has been kidnapped by the psychopathic butcher and who has locked her up in her house. Obviously this mission is not as easy as entering this dangerous character's house and getting her out of it, but you will have to overcome all the tests that you find.

If the terror of being inside a crazy butcher's house wasn't enough, he can listen to each and every one of your movements, so you'll have to use this to generate an advantage over him, all with a countdown that It chases you, since you only have 5 minutes to get the kidnapped girl out of this real hell. The graphics and ambient sounds are truly marvelous, generating a fantastic user experience whenever you get in front of your iPhone to enjoy this game.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor Descargar QR-Code Hello Neighbor Developer: tinyBuild LLC

We continue with the theme of getting into other people's houses, but in this case you won't have to rescue anyone, simply your curiosity is going to be the one that gets you into a real mess since your mission is to find out what your celebrity is hiding neighbor in his basement. Yes, entering a basement is never a good idea, and even less so if you suspect that your neighbor may hide something inside it, and of course it will not be a chocolate fountain or numerous bags of trinkets, what you will find in it will not will give you no joy.

In order to discover the mystery of that basement, you will have to use stealth movements so that your evil neighbor does not realize that there is an intruder who is willing to uncover all the secrets he keeps. Obviously, once you discover all the mysteries that are hidden in the basement, you will have to escape from the house alive and once again use your ingenuity and stealth to avoid being discovered.

The Phenomenon Lite

The Phenomenon Lite

The Phenomenon Lite The Phenomenon Lite Descargar QR-Code The Phenomenon Lite Developer: Arthur Kokots

This application is about an episodic survival horror game where the main character is Barry Nellan, a well-known investigator of paranormal situations. In episode 1 you will have to explore a map of 3 square kilometers with more than 500 places where anything can happen. At your disposal you will have different paranormal investigation devices that you can also use to fight against creatures with a very intelligent and cunning AI.

But beware, in this game you are not alone, since not only will you have to focus on solving all the mysteries that come your way, but on top of that you will have to do it faster than the rest of the players if you want your name to appear on the first position of the global leaderboard. In addition, to play not only can you use the touch controls of your iPhone, but you can also connect both a controller and a keyboard and mouse, so that you can enjoy it with the controls that most convince you.

And you, are you a fan of this type of scary games? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.