Do you want an Apple Studio Display? sit and wait — 2022

Rumors about a possible launch of a new monitor by Apple had been hanging around Apple's keynotes for a few months, however, it was last Tuesday, March 8, when it became a reality and we saw the new Studio Display, a monitor with enviable features. but with a somewhat controversial price, and thus adds to the entire range ofscreens for macthat exists on the market.

The Studio Display sells out in its first days

The Cupertino company took practically no time between presenting its new monitor and putting it up for sale so that those users who wanted to purchase it could reserve it and have it in their homes, studios or offices as soon as possible. In fact, the same day of the event , Tuesday, March 8, just after finishing this, Studio Display reservations were now available .

Studio Display + Mac Studio

All the rumors had pointed out that Apple could launch a cheap monitor, however and despite the fact that its price is lower to the Pro Display XDR screen, it is still quite expensive, starting from the €1,779 and being able to reach, in its most sophisticated configuration, the €2,489 . But this has not been, at least apparently, a problem for Apple, since if we look at the current delivery times of the different models, we can see how the vast majority have at least three weeks of waiting after its launch , that we remember is next Friday, March 18.

That in the best of cases, since with other configurations, the wait can be extended up to two months , which indicates that, despite having a high price, users were waiting for this product like rain in May. We will have to wait to see how the Cupertino company is capable of dealing with this demand and if, as has happened in other cases, it is capable of advancing delivery times.

Is your price excessive?

How could it be otherwise, whenever Apple launches a product for sale, a debate is generated about whether the price it costs to acquire it is really worth it for the benefits it provides to the user. Well, despite the fact that the price of the Studio Display is obviously high, it doesn't mean it's excessive , since the public to which it is directed is assiduous in acquiring screens or monitors of this type.

StudioDisplay + accessories

Furthermore, if we take a look at what the competition , it is verified that this Apple Studio Display really reaches the market with a completely reasonable price depending on the features it has. 5K screen, a truly enviable speaker system, a great camera and microphones that will give you studio audio quality. In short, perhaps if we analyze everything that this new Apple product offers, the competition it has and the public it is aimed at, we will be able to better understand its price and, above all, what has led to the fact that in just a few days the delivery times of the Studio Display have skyrocketed in such a way.