Do you see a green or orange dot on the iPhone? We explain what it is — 2022

Apple in its quest to improve user privacy, from iOS 14 A series of 'sneaks' have been implemented that inform users of the use of the camera and microphone. These are represented by small dots at the top of the interface that may have confused you for not knowing their function. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about it.

What are the points that are seen in iOS in general?

As we have mentioned before, Apple has integrated different privacy indicators in the form of light signals. Unfortunately, an iPhone does not have a physical LED indicator system to be able to notify when the camera or microphone is on. That is why it must be integrated through software so that you always have information on everything that happens in the different components of the device.

As we have mentioned before, these are functions that are mainly intended for the field of privacy. With a simple glance you will be able to know if someone is accessing your camera or your microphone and everything will depend on the type of color that the indicator has. Three colors can be given: blue, red and green. Below we explain what each of these colors represents.

The meaning of the green dot

If a green dot appears at the top of the iPhone, it means that the device's camera is being used. This is quite common when you are using an application such as FaceTime and even Instagram to make some kind of story. Obviously, this point must always be observed so that it is only present when the camera is being actively used.

iOS green dot

Privacy is something quite important to Apple and this witness is used to inform the user when the camera system is active to prevent any application from using it without your permission. There have been several social networks that have reported this error and it may be related to improper data collection for the user. On certain occasions it can be activated when the applications are in the background, something that is solved by closing them completely.

Meaning of the orange dot

In addition to the green dots discussed above, information about the microphone is also given. There are many controversies about when a microphone is making recordings since we never know in which cases it is active. From iOS 14 onwards, an orange point-shaped indicator is included that is located just in the upper right corner.

iOS orange dot

As in the previous case, this point appears above all when communication services are used while making calls and even when videos are being taken. Obviously some applications unfortunately can continue to collect data while you are not using them in the background and in this way you can easily detect it so that it can be stopped.

You can also find a blue dot

In addition to these two colors that we have mentioned, you can also find a blue indicator. In this case, no reference will be made to the fact that an application is accessing the camera or the microphone. It will inform you at all times if any application is accessing the location, although it may also be related to the tracking that can be carried out by different location services.

That is why you will see this point especially if you are using very specific applications such as browsers. Likewise, there are also applications that have the ability to share the location in real time, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. In these cases you will also see how the characteristic blue dot will also appear in the upper right.

Obtain extra information from the notices or delete them

In the event that you do not know which applications the witness that appears at the top corresponds to, you can always make use of the control center. When you open the control center you should direct your eyes just above. Here the application will appear in detail that is using both the microphone and the camera as well as the location technologies. In this way you will have all the necessary information to determine which service may be using the data collection systems improperly. Unfortunately there is no option to close it from the control center directly, since you will have to close the app that is in the background.

iOS green dot control center

In the case of location, you can find several ways to report that the GPS is being used beyond the indication of a simple point. This information is found in a much more visible way in the upper left, precisely in the section where the local time appears. In the event that the location is currently being used by an application the time will appear enclosed in a blue box where pressing will take you to the application that is using the geolocation services. This is something that can be missed in the discreet points that we have previously commented on.

How to remove all notices

Really the only possible way to be able to eliminate these warnings is to leave the applications that you consider both without access to the camera and without access to the microphone. However, the deactivation of these accesses in some applications will mean that you will not be able to use the application due to the functions they perform. Therefore, before deactivating these two accesses in the applications, take into account what the app offers you and if you are really willing to practically give it up.

Well, once you have decided that you want to leave some of your applications without access to the camera and/or microphone, the steps to do so are really simple.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the app you want to deprive of access to your camera and/or microphone.
  3. Disables access to the camera and/or microphone.

Remove access to camera and microphone

With these three simple steps you will have left the selected application or applications without access to your camera and/or microphone, so the orange and/or green dot will never appear again on your iPhone because of that application. It is important to do this in the event that you have more than clear indications that they are making improper use of these information access systems.