Need to contact Apple? This is your free phone — 2022

among the manyways to contact apple, there is no doubt that one of the most comfortable is by phone. Although it must be said that there are differentphone numbers in the Apple Store in Spain, in the end most issues are resolved by contacting the technical service, so it is convenient to know what their telephone number is.

Free Apple phone valid in Spain

If calling from Spain, the number 900 150 503 (prefix +34) is completely free. In it we find a first-class answering machine that indicates the following questions to communicate with the appropriate department:

    Press 1:Questions about buying a product. Press 2:Technical support, warranty issues, check repair or replacement status. Press 3:Questions about iTunes, the App Store or gift cards. Press 4:Request assistance with a recent order, invoices, or refunds. Press 5:Questions about Apple's privacy policy. Press 7:To repeat the previous indications. Press #:If you know the extension of the person or department you want to contact.

apple phone

Once you choose the question you want to deal with, you may be asked for some information related to your query, such as the product you are calling about, its serial number, an order number, your name, etc. Later an agent will treat you in person, being a quick process for what are usually these types of services with telephone attention.

What cases does Apple deal with over the phone?

Apple's phone number can help you with almost any question. They will be able to help you with a product that has software problems, even allowing screen sharing and the agent can help you remotely to solve the problem. If the problem goes further, you can request face-to-face assistance at a physical establishment, with the agent giving you the instructions to make an appointment at the closest available technical service. It will also be possible to arrange a collection of the product.

It should be noted that these issues to deal with the technical service works for both iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch and accessories such as AirPods, cases and other products sold by the company under its brand. On many occasions, it is not even necessary that these are under warranty to be able to enjoy the telephone service, so this is something to value also regardless of the time that has passed since your purchase.

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Other contact options that could help you

If your issue cannot be resolved over the phone or you prefer to explore other avenues, you will always have these options:

  • Go to an Apple Store in person.
  • Call the store or SAT in question.
  • Chat with an agent through the company's website.
  • Support app available on the iOS and iPadOS App Store.