Did you mistakenly delete a photo or video on iPhone? This is how it recovers — 2022

It has happened to all of us that of deleting a photo or video from the mobile and then regretting it. Either because the removal was by mistake or because later we wanted to realize that it could be useful to us. Is it possible to recover those deleted photos from iPhone? Yes, and in this article we tell you how it can be done, being valid also for iPad and also including video content.

If you just took a photo or video and it doesn't appear

Although it is not the most common, there are times when we have just taken a photograph or a video and when entering the reel we get an unpleasant surprise when we see that it does not appear. And all this without us being able to see even the preview. Obviously this is not normal and although it may be a specific bug and the content unrecoverable, in most cases it has a logical explanation and a simple solution.

There are times when, due to the weight of the photo or video, it takes a little longer to load. In many cases it is enough to wait a few seconds or close the Photos app and reopen it . In others, however, the loading process gets stuck and you have to restart iPhone , already having the photo or video available after turning it on again. If this does not work, keep reading because in the following sections you could also find the solution to this problem.

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If you remember deleting the photo or video yourself

If, unlike the opposite, you are aware that you have deleted the content of your gallery, it is obviously not a system error. Luckily there are ways to recover this type of deleted content, as we explain in the following points. Of course, they will only be valid if you use the native Photos app as the main manager of your albums.

If it was less than 30 days ago

You probably already know this, but if you don't or you just didn't remember, you should know that Apple adds a recently deleted photos and videos album in the native Photos app. All content of this type that has been deleted within a period of 30 days or less is stored in this, although after this period has elapsed it is deleted.

If you enter the app, you must search for this album and you will find that everything is ordered according to when you deleted it. Investigate thoroughly if what you were looking for is found among that deleted content and if so, click on the option Get it back and you will see it again in your gallery, being safe from definitive elimination. Of course, remember that the photo will not appear in its chronological order of origin, therefore being located in the main album on the date it was stored on the iPhone and not on the date you retrieved it.

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Restore a backup

If you don't have your Photo Library synced with iCloud and you remember backing up your phone with the photo or video still in it, you can get it back this way. Yes indeed, you will need to restore the iPhone completely to be able to load the backup, because it cannot be loaded once the phone is already configured. We therefore understand that it can be somewhat tedious, but you can always restore that old copy, recover the photo/video and put it safe in the cloud and later restore it again by putting your most recent copy and loading that content that you thought was lost.

For the restoration of the iPhone you can use a computer and connect both devices by cable, although in this case it is not strictly necessary. All you have to do is go to Settings> General> Reset and click on the option Erase content and settings. Once it is done, you must configure the device again and load the old copy of iCloud in the corresponding section.

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Check iCloud sync

You can check if you have iCloud Photos syncing turned on by going to Settings > your name > iCloud and checking to see if you have Photos turned on. If your iPhone has a version that is iOS 10.2 or earlier, the path to follow is different, being Settings> iCloud. If you see that it is enabled, you should know that the photo you deleted may still be kept on other devices such as iPad or Mac if you are logged in with the same Apple ID, so you can check in the Photos app of these if it appears.

If you don't have another Apple device or can't access it at the time, you'll be able to access iCloud via web to see if it has been stored in the cloud or if it has also been deleted. This access can be done from Safari or another iPhone browser and even from Android and Windows devices, although you must have your Apple ID and password to hand because you will be required to log in.

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Are you sure it was on the same Apple ID?

If you've recently set up your iPhone—either because it's brand new, you've reset it, or you just signed out of iCloud in Settings—that's probably why your photos aren't showing up. It's possible that the deleted content was linked to a different Apple ID than the one you're using and therefore doesn't now appear on your device.

For this reason, and in the same way that we commented previously, it is recommended that sign in to iCloud web with the previous Apple ID (and with any one you remember) to be able to review the photo library in search of the photos and videos that you thought were lost, since it is very possibly stored in one of them. Then it will only be a matter of saving said content on your iPhone so that it is accessible again and now associated with the new account you are using.

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Other solutions to these problems

If you have any kind of support in other services such as Google Photos or any other cloud storage service, it is possible that by accessing these you can find the deleted photo or video. Also on external disks in which you have been able to save a backup of them at some point. The other alternative that would remain would be to resort to third-party applications that offer, among other functions, the possibility of recovering this type of data.

Yes, there are drawbacks to take into account is that many of these apps are usually paid (and most of them are not cheap), in addition to the fact that they do not always perform this recovery task successfully and that they could affect the deletion of current data from your device. In any case, if you have not already recovered that content with what was previously mentioned and you need to do so, you can resort to them as a last solution.

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One of the most interesting options is Tenorshare UltData . this is a tool available on Windows and macOS which, among other things, will allow you to recover lost data of all kinds, including, of course, photos and videos. Another good aspect to note is that it allows access to identical recovery functions on iPads.