Do you know that the iPhone X has a little brother? Here we show it to you — 2022

There are already many handymen who have begun to use their ingenuity after the launch of the iPhone X, and the truth is that we have been able to see it on YouTube true genius like an iPhone X but in a reduced version that really left us with our mouths open.

This iPhone X Mini is very similar to its older brother presented by Apple (within the possibilities of genius) , with very small frames, reaching the screen from side to side without any problem, although we cannot go to the millimeter, since remember, it is manual work. Here we show you this model.

An iPhone X mini, really?

I have also been surprised to see this device in full operation. If we see the interior, the author has used the components of the iPhone 5s and the same iOS 11 , although I think that it has lacked to incorporate the true system that includes the iPhone X to be able to use gestures, because it is sure that it is very comfortable to handle, it must not be used to current models. It may be implemented in the future and it can even be used as any device, although lack a camera, fingerprint reader or Lightning connector.

And as if that were not enough, the author has uploaded a video of how he has assembled it, in case anyone dares to do it...

If you are a handyman like Lin Peirong surely you can build a device as peculiar as this , that although it cannot be used, for the most geeks of this brand, we will end up loving it and doing a lot of it, thanks, or at least, to me personally. Here we can see how the creativity of people putting it together with a few materials ends up doing wonders like these.

What do you think of this iPhone X Mini? Would you like to get your hands on this interesting invention of Lin Peirong's ingenuity? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.