Having trouble updating your apps on iPad? fix it — 2022

When updating applications on the iPad, different problems can occur that make this operation difficult. Although it is not something common, you have to take into account the steps to follow in order to solve it. In this article we detail everything you need to do to smoothly update your apps on iPad.

Make sure you have it purchased

If the problem you are having is related to a paid application, it is possible that you have not purchased it. This is something that can be quite common even though it may not seem like it. Apple allows you to make a refund of the purchase of an application in the event that you did not like it as long as you are within the 15-day period established by the company's conditions. The problem is that when making the refund, the application does not disappear from your iPhone, having to uninstall it manually.

update apps ipad problem

Although it can continue to be used even if you have not purchased it without any problem, you are left without any type of update. Also in the updates section of the App Store will continue to appear to update. In the event that you give it, you will get an error, of course, that you cannot update. It can happen that you do not remember that you have returned that application and that is why you do not understand the error. So it is best to check if you have that app available for download.

Check internet connection

Internet connection networks may be responsible for the update not being finished downloading. When you have a very poor speed it can wait for hours until it finds bandwidth and even cancel. In these situations, we always recommend updating through a private Wi-Fi network and not through mobile data, since the download may end up destroying your contracted data plan.

If the WiFi network you're connected to still doesn't work, try a different one. Sometimes changing the band from 2.4 to 5 GHz or vice versa can give you the solution to this problem. And it can also be the case of doing the opposite operation of going from a WiFi network to an LTE network with the corresponding expenses in your rate.

Pause and resume the download

When an app is updating, you'll see the icon dim on the home screen and a download animation appears. If you press hard on it, a menu will appear where you can press the download and then perform the same action to resume it. This forces you to download it again so that the problem that is causing the inconvenience is solved.

update apps ipad problem

On some occasions, due to an accidental touch on the icon, the download can be completely paused. By doing this process with the drop-down menu you can resume it again. There is also the possibility to cancel the update by following these same steps to be able to start it again through the App Store in the normal way.

Restart your iPhone

In the last case you will have to restart your mobile device. This way you can restart the thread that may have hung while the update is being performed. It can also work to activate and deactivate the airplane mode in a row in order to restore the internet connections that can end up causing this problem.