Have no idea about programming? Learn from scratch thanks to Mimo — 2022

Knowing how to program will soon not be something optional since over the years this quality is becoming more and more in demand. When it comes to finding a new job, it will soon be essential to know something about programming since, in the end, in many fields, it is necessary to create small programs that carry out simple tasks. Learn to program it may seem a bit boring if we take a book and start reading, but this time we are going to talk about an application for iPhone and iPad that will allow you to learn in a fun way.

Program from scratch thanks to Mimo on iPhone or iPad

To give you an idea, in many fields it is increasingly necessary to know how to program, for example in science. To do data processing on certain occasions we have to learn to program code, being one of the most used in this field Python. But this is not all, since in addition to looking for a job, it can also be used to create a project from scratch such as a new website or an application for iPhone or Mac.

One of the most interesting applications to be able to learn this art in an easy and fun way anywhere is Mimo. This application will first ask us what it is our objetive , for example, create a website, make a new game, create an application... Depending on what we choose, the contents will focus on our objective, although we can also choose specific programming languages ​​from the large list that it covers, such as Swift, HTML, C++, SQL, PHP, R , And a long etcetera.

The way of learning is presented in chapters that will make us simple questions that will become more complicated over time so that we can internalize the concepts and contents. In addition, these chapters are very well defined in segments so that we can return at any time to study a specific aspect that we have not fully understood. For the duration of some chapter s we will be able to carry out our instruction in many places such as on public transport, in line at the supermarket or while waiting for someone. In other words, we can take advantage of those moments of 'dead time' to learn a bit of programming.

Something very positive about Mimo is that we will be able to see results and apply them to our initial objective. That is, if we want to create a web page, you can do it while you are learning programming. This is undoubtedly very gratifying since and your effort is materialized in a concrete result and this will motivate you to continue studying programming.

Mimo is an application that you can download for free from the App Store but you can only do two free chapters for each block. If you want to continue learning programming with Mimo you will have to pay a monthly or yearly premium subscription to access all content. We recommend you to try the chapters that they offer for free and if you are interested it will be worth paying for it because if you need to learn programming for a project with this application you will easily learn and pay off the subscription.

Leave us in the comment box if you are going to dare to program with Mimo.