You have 24 hours to download the best app from the App Store for iPad at -50% — 2022

Apple listed as best app of 2017 on app store a Affinity Photo para iPad . To celebrate, you have 24 hours to download it to -50% off .

Affinity Photo was the star application in the presentation of the new 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad. At its launch it had a discount, but not as interesting as this one at -50% off.

The good thing about this photo editing app is that it is a buy once and use it forever type, that is, does not contain monthly or annual subscription .

This application is for professional photo editing, it is practically the same as the one we use on Mac or Windows. Hence, it wins the position as the best application in the App Store this year.

Thanks to the effects in real time, we have the opportunity to see the results at the same moment of applying the effects, retouches, masks or edits in 360 degrees What do we do in our project?

It is fully compatible with PSD files both for export and import. Also, support standard extensions such as EPS, SVG, PDF, .jpeg''>Download Affinity Photo for iPad

Have you tried this app? What do you think? Have you got this interesting discount for a limited time?