You don't like Safari? Try these browsers for iPhone — 2022

Safari is undoubtedly the most used browser in the Apple ecosystem, as is obvious, but this does not mean that there are no alternatives. There are many browsers that can be found in the App Store with very diverse functions that guarantee privacy as well as performance in its use. In this article we show you the best alternatives to Safari on iPhone if for some reason you want to try other browsers.

What you should keep in mind when using an alternative browser

If you want to switch from Safari to another browser, you have to take into account different relevant aspects. One of them is the features that they will have, as well as the possibility of freely switching from Safari to another option quickly.

Not all are the same even if they serve the same purpose

An internet browser is ultimately the same regardless of the application used, since they will allow you to browse web pages and view all kinds of content. Safari is one of the most interesting options due to the fact that it comes pre-installed and has optimal performance on iOS. However, we can find some others that have some additional advantage that Apple does not have. And while the native boasts privacy and security, you can find similar reliability parameters in others.

And it is that the latter is really important to take into account when choosing a browser. Keep in mind that this application is the gateway to the network for the user but also the gateway to the network to your personal data. That is why you must always take into account the policies they follow regarding privacy and also the general conditions of use. This is something that must be prioritized above all else to avoid problems with respect to security.

You can change the default browser

If you have iOS 14 or higher version of software, you can make any Internet browser the default for opening web pages. Safari is the one that comes standard, but it may be the case that you are not satisfied with the experience it offers you in terms of features, and you want to opt for others like the ones we talked about in this article. In order to make these changes, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go into Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the navigation app you want to use by default.
  3. Go to your options.
  4. Click on the 'Default browser app' section.
  5. Choose from the list that appears the application with which you want all the links to open.

The most integrated options in iOS

There are many browsers that exist in the App Store, but some of them can stand out above all for having a long experience in this operating system. We show you the most relevant below.

Google Chrome

Alternative browsers Google Chrome

One of the most famous alternatives to Safari that can be found in the App Store is undoubtedly Google Chrome. It allows you to synchronize passwords as well as bookmarks on any device as these data are linked to your Google account. In desktop format it works very well, but also in mobile versions like these. Yes, besides you used to work with your Google account and the company's ecosystem, this browser will come to you like no other.

The latter is because they can be perfectly synchronized with all your ecosystem services without any problem. This means that if you have a Windows PC, both browsers can communicate quickly. It also includes an aesthetic that is quite attractive to the eye to have the best possible experience while using Chrome on the iPhone.

Google Chrome Google Chrome Descargar QR-Code Google Chrome Developer: Google LLC


Firefox iOS

This is a standalone browser developed by Mozilla and is very focused on safeguarding the privacy of its users. It includes the necessary tools to be able to avoid being tracked while browsing through any web page. Visually, it integrates perfectly with the operating system since it gives you the option to quickly set the dark mode.

As in most browsers you can use extensions as well as bookmarks that are synchronized on all computers through the Firefox account. This significantly improves productivity and you also have the ability to navigate quite quickly. It integrates the necessary tools to be able to have all the data collected in a single place.

firefox browser firefox browser Descargar QR-Code firefox browser Developer: Mozilla

Microsoft Edge

Esge Chromium

We say this about the covered because being the heir to the much hated Explorer browser from Microsoft, we tend to believe that it works poorly. However, it is now based on Chromium, the same system as Google Chrome. It offers an extremely simple design that allows you to navigate as optimally as possible, as well as having bookmarks that can be synchronized at all times with the browser version available on Windows and also on macOS.

If you have a PC with Windows 10 installed, you also have the option to enjoy this browser. This makes it possible to link the iPhone with the computer to be able to share files and also different web pages in a really simple way. This is something really interesting to take into account in order to have good communication between both devices that originally have nothing to do with each other.

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser Microsoft Edge: Web Browser Descargar QR-Code Microsoft Edge: Web Browser Developer: Microsoft Corporation


Opera Touch

With a brilliant design, Opera tries to become the best alternative to Safari by integrating the dark mode natively with the operating system. With a simple finger movement you can access the different bookmarks that you have configured without having to leave the page you are on to do the tracking. It stands out for always having the best extremely simple design so that the browsing experience is the best possible.

It integrates a system of bookmarks that can also be quickly synchronized through the account system. In addition, the company that supports Opera has different relevant services such as cashback to be able to recover the investment made in a purchase. This is something of the utmost relevance if you are a born buyer on different web pages, being an incentive to have Opera as a default browser.

Opera: Fast Web Browser Opera: Fast Web Browser Descargar QR-Code Opera: Fast Web Browser Developer: Opera Software AS


Ecosia iOS

Can you imagine planting a tree simply with your iPhone when you are browsing? This is what you get when you use Ecosia as your default browser. Ultimately, the way it works is very similar to what you have in Chrome when sharing technologies, with the difference that the more you use the browser, the more you'll collaborate in planting trees. This is a fact that you can always have in view and it is always recommended to carry out searches through the application to be much more ecofriendly.

As we have mentioned before, the experience you have is very similar to that of Google Chrome. This is quite relevant since at the bottom you can find different sections for all the functionalities that are integrated. One of them is the bookmarks or favorite pages as well as the possibility of creating your account to have all the data synchronized at any time.

Ecosia Ecosia Descargar QR-Code Ecosia Developer: Ecosia



It is a very simple search engine with which you can customize everything you want to your liking. One of its best features is that you can simulate the use of a trackpad or a computer keyboard. It also has a flash player, which is a feature to keep in mind.

You can save the data you want and want in the search engine, it also has protection so that you don't skip any ads you don't want. It also has a full desktop option, so you can see the browser and the navigation you do well.

The most privacy-focused browsers

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind while browsing is privacy. Below we show you the browsers that are more focused on this section.



If privacy is something vital for you on a day-to-day basis, this is the browser that you must already have installed on your iPhone. It includes different advertising anti-tracking technologies and a system that forces websites to use totally secure encryption to prevent data leakage to third parties. Also, any hidden trackers that are detected on the connection will be blocked unless you have explicitly authorized them.

These are basic tools so that the pages cannot traffic with your data in a free way and without your consent. You can forget about personalized ads based on cookies at any time. Added to this are functions that are basic to any browser, such as managing bookmarks as well as synchronizing with the corresponding web versions.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Descargar QR-Code DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Developer: DuckDuckGo, Inc.


Aloha Browser

With Aloha Browser you will have access to fast, free browsing and with functions that allow you to have maximum privacy and security. It integrates a clean and intuitive interface as well as a totally free unlimited VPN so that you can view any type of web page with total freedom wherever you are. From the same browser you can view videos in augmented reality as long as you have the necessary hardware, which is usually quite cheap, to be able to use this function.

In addition, this VPN is really important since, in addition to being able to view content from any country other than your own, you will also enjoy maximum security and privacy. It is especially indicated when the connection is made through a cafeteria. Although it has the problem of being free and that is why you should always be very careful with the sites you access.

Aloha Browser Private VPN Aloha Browser Private VPN Descargar QR-Code Aloha Browser Private VPN Developer: Aloha Mobile



With this browser you will be able to forget about the invasive advertising that is on numerous pages by integrating AdBlock. Obviously we recommend you activate it when it is a problem to prevent content creators from being left without their well-deserved monetization. In addition, Brave offers fairly fast browsing with a simplified design that offers more than outstanding fluidity to become an alternative to Safari.

This is because by reducing all the files that need to be loaded for both cookies and advertising, the information can be loaded much faster. Keep in mind that we are always talking about a cross-platform browser that can also be found on a computer or on Android. This means that all the information is always interconnected so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Brave Private Web Browser Brave Private Web Browser Descargar QR-Code Brave Private Web Browser Developer: Brave Software



This browser is undoubtedly known by most users since it is used by many to enter the Dark Web. This is because it guarantees the privacy of the connection at all times by using the most secure encryption protocols. At all times you can browse different web pages anonymously without anyone knowing of your presence as the real IP is not shown at any time. It also integrates with VPNs so you can simulate a connection to a different country from your current location.

Obviously though Tor is related to crime at all. Anyone can enter the Dark Web or use it for totally secure browsing on Google itself. Without a doubt, it is an application that is aimed above all at those people who are more maniacal with the privacy and security of all their data and do not want to be tracked at any time.

TOR Browser – Onion Browser TOR Browser – Onion Browser Descargar QR-Code TOR Browser – Onion Browser Developer: APPROSOFT LLC



As its name suggests, it is a search engine that keeps your privacy safe. With this search engine you will be able to browse the Internet without problems and without being afraid of being hacked. Among its features, the personalized configuration stands out, with which you can manage the blocking of cookies or automatically delete your history.

Like the rest of the applications, with this one you won't be afraid that your data can be stolen since it has a very high protection system. No advertisement will be able to track you with this search engine, and thanks to its automatic forgetting mode, you will be able to delete everything the moment you have searched for it.

What are our favourites?

As we have seen, there are many options from which to choose a replacement for Safari. When choosing a browser that integrates well with iOS, it stands out Google Chrome. Spare browser known by most users of electronic devices. With it you can have both your email and your Google Drive account at hand. Undoubtedly a very good option for all users thanks to its simple interface.

If we focus on the issue of privacy, one of the best is DuckDuckGo . More and more users prefer it to others, and it is the most secure browser on the scene. Its privacy controls are above any other. You can customize the preferences based on what suits you in terms of privacy. With this browser you will not have to fear cookies or your personal data.

And you, what alternative to Safari do you use?