You don't like or don't work uTorrent on Mac? These are the best alternatives — 2022

On the internet it is very common to find that in order to download some content it is necessary to do it through a torrent. These are small files that require a third-party application to download all the content stored inside. This is often used to download large files like a video game or movie. There is a very popular application in both macOS and Windows: uTorrent, however in this post we bring you a list of apps to download torrent alternative to this.

Warning: these applications may not work on your Mac

With the arrival of macOS 10.15, also called macOS Catalina , Apple removed the ability to use 32-bit applications. If your Mac has that operating system or a later one, it will only be able to run those 64-bit applications. That is why some of the applications we show may not work on your device, since most developers have not adapted them yet.

If you have macOS Mojave or earlier You should have no problem installing these apps. Of course, these must be downloaded from the internet, since they are not found in the Mac App Store. It is recommended to download them from the official portals of each developer and, prior to installation, you must allow your Mac to install third-party applications.

Best alternatives to uTorrent for Mac

Folx GO+

folx go+ alternatives free download

Folx GO+ Folx GO+ Descargar QR-Code Folx GO+ Developer: Eltima

This is the only app available on the Mac App Store which we will analyze in this post. Therefore, its most relevant feature is that it is endorsed by Apple, because it has had to pass the strict filters that the company requires for its application store. It stands out for not only serving to download torrent, but it is also capable of manage all downloads what we do with the browser. It has an automated labeling system and an excellent file manager.


bittorrent alternatives utorrent

Visit the BitTorrent for Mac website

This is one of the most popular torrent download applications along with the aforementioned uTorrent. It has notable advantages such as have no data limits or number of files to download. It also has the ability to download files in the background, making it very useful if you want to do other things on your Mac while it's running.


qbittorrent utorrent alternatives

Visit the qBittorrent website for Mac

This is probably one of the great unknowns for the task of torrent downloading, however it is highly valued by those who have it. It has some very outstanding utilities such as the possibility of search for torrents from the application itself , which can give us greater speed when searching for files among the vastness of the web. Although, as expected, you can also download the files and import them like in any other torrent manager.


vuze utorrent alternatives

Visit the Vuze for Mac website

This application has perhaps ceased to be as relevant as the others over the years and due to its tedious advertisements in the free version, however, it has very powerful functions in its paid version. Among the highlights we find his direct connection with iTunes or your good search engine to find torrent. But what most dazzles us about its premium version is the usefulness of shut down the computer when the downloads finish.


transmission utorrent alternatives

Visit the Transmission for Mac website

If there is something for which we like this application, it is for its minimalism in the purest Apple style, being able to manage all the downloads from a small window. In addition to this, it has other relevant features such as its options to limit bandwidth or his good ability to manage simultaneous downloads. Furthermore, and despite not being downloaded directly from the Mac App Store, it is one of the more secure What can we find.

Obviously there are more torrent managers compatible with Mac computers, but these are the ones that we wanted to highlight for their reliability and good file management. However, we encourage you to leave us your experience with another manager of this type that can serve as an alternative to uTorrent in the comments box.