Not sure if your iPhone is under warranty? so you can check it — 2022

Knowing the warranty of an iPhone is always important and especially in cases where the device may require a repair that is covered by it. The period that remains under warranty also depends on various factors: the first and most important is the law of each country. In Spain and other countries it is 3 years at least, being the first with the manufacturer itself and the second with the store that sold it. Another important factor is whether you have any additional insurance such as Apple Care or any other third party insurance. In any case, here we will show you how to know how long your iPhone warranty lasts directly with Apple.

How much warranty does the iPhone have?

In the event that we address the legislation of Spain, which is in accordance with the European, all products have a guarantee of a total of 3 years, or 36 months. Likewise, something really relevant is also detailed: the first 12 months, the guarantee must be managed with the manufacturer , in this case Apple, and the The remaining 24 must be with the seller himself.

You bought the iPhone from Apple

This is undoubtedly one of the most common actions that exist right now. And if you have started to investigate on the Apple website, you have surely been surprised to read that it only offers a one-year warranty. Faced with this situation, it should be noted that it is something completely wrong and that it is difficult for them to change. Apple, when operating in Spain, must adapt to local legislation, and not to that of the United States, which is where its headquarters reside.

It should also be noted that these conditions apply both to purchases made in the Apple Store or in Premium Reseller. In the first case, it is entirely possible to apply these conditions to purchases made online, in person or also on the web or app. In the Premium Reseller it is remembered that they are specialized stores and authorized by the company. In this way there will be no problem in this regard.

Premium Reseller

You did it in another third party store

On many occasions you find an offer that is not in Apple itself. That is why you choose to make the purchase with a third-party provider. In this situation, you will also have a three-year warranty as in the case of making the purchase from Apple but with some differences.

The most important difference is who can offer the technical service to manage the guarantee in the long run. In the case of third-party services within these three years of warranty, you will have the first one with Apple, but the rest will be with the technical service of this store, whatever it may be. The clearest example is when you buy an iPhone on Amazon. If something happens, the last two years of the guarantee will be Amazon the main responsible for carrying out the appropriate interventions.

Buying an iPhone abroad, does it have a guarantee?

Many people may sin on many occasions that they believe that the iPhone has as its country of residence the one in which it is used or where it has been configured. It should be remembered that in the initial configuration, the country where it will be used is requested, among other data. But this It will not have any type of relationship with the guarantee of the device, but with the availability of the services offered in a specific region.

In order to have access to the guarantee, you will have to go to the legislation of the country where you made the guarantee. For example, and n United States the warranty is limited to 1 year only and if you have bought the iPhone here you will have to limit yourself to this year only.

How much warranty is left on my iPhone?

As we explained before, the guarantee of an iPhone in countries like Spain is three years from the date of purchase of the device. Let's take the example that you acquire the terminal with your telephone company, in that case Apple would be the one in charge of managing everything related to warranty issues during the first year and your company would do the same during the second and third. If you buy the device with Apple itself, the warranty will be three years with the company.

how to know iphone warranty

There are several ways to check how much warranty is left on an iPhone, although we will focus on the two simplest. The first is from the device itself. If you go to Settings>General>Information You will see some information about your iPhone appear, such as the name, software version, serial number and, of course, the date the warranty expires.

You may have been surprised to see that the guarantee that appears from Settings is only one year, but do not be scared. The information that appears in this section is the same for everyone, but then Apple adapts to the laws of each country. Therefore, if you purchased the phone less than a year ago and it tells you that it ends in the next year, they are really telling you when the commitment to Apple itself ends. If you purchased the terminal in a physical Apple Store you will have to have the second year of warranty in that same store.

how to know iphone warranty

The second method to check the guarantee is through the apple website , in which you must enter the serial number of the device found in Settings>General>Information. Here we find more complete information about the guarantee, especially important if we also have a Apple Care or Apple Care+ insurance , in which case you can add a few more years of warranty.

The fact of having an iPhone under warranty is positive when your device has some type of factory damage or software problem that is not derived from its use. In those cases, Apple usually repairs the equipment for free and can even sometimes give you a replacement. In cases of accidental damage it is not covered by warranty, although you can access discounts on repairs with Apple Care contracted. It should also be noted that this aforementioned insurance can be contracted up to 2 months after having purchased the terminal.

Be careful not to lose the guarantee

It is important to note that it is easy to lose the warranty of a device if different operations are carried out that are not authorized. The warranty date must be taken into account if you want to take the equipment to a place that is not authorized for repair. It is true that in the vast majority of cases it will be cheaper for you to repair in a place other than the official Apple stores. But in return you will have to weigh that parts that are not original will surely be installed and that the guarantee will also be lost.

Within Apple's policy it is established that any repair that is not carried out through its technicians will carry a penalty that is the elimination of the guarantee program. This can be serious since you will not be able to enjoy free repairs even if the failure that occurs is the fault of the manufacturing process.