Don't you know how to congratulate Christmas? Use these apps for iPhone — 2022

We are already immersed in the Christmas holidays and as the Christmas carol says today is christmas eve and tomorrow christmas . These days Christmas greetings abound on social networks, especially WhatsApp that l It gets to have such a high level of activity at certain times that the service even goes down for a few minutes.

From this website we want to wish you a Merry Christmas but we also want you to be the ones who can congratulate your family and friends on the holidays in a different and fun way thanks to the recommendations of our friends from MovilZona .

Send funny phrases by WhatsApp with this application

Surely on more than one occasion you have received a Christmas greeting different from the usual ones on WhatsApp. Jokes, bawdy Christmas messages and other funny messages Social network messaging abound these days. If you want to be the king or queen of your work WhatsApp group or of your friends by sending a Christmas greeting, we recommend the app SMS Christmas 2019 for iOS.

App for whatsapp christmas

In SMS Christmas 2019 you will find fun phrases with which, in addition to congratulating the holidays, you can show off your good humor. These are some of the phrases you will find in the application.

  • The phrases may always seem the same, but the good wishes are sincere. A big hug. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
  • I raise my glass and toast that this Christmas brings us happiness. Grindo dambie dor guemoss uuuchos esitoss. And uidadiiin gon larretera, ehhh buchachoss, hip, zi guebes no gonduscas. Gringo odra vesss porrrrti.
  • Hello everyone. This is a personalized and exclusive message just for you that I send to you/you/you/you. Merry Christmas!
  • The mayor and many other politicians from Portal de Belén were arrested for requalifying it. And the wise men are also involved. The Child Jesus will ultimately be born in a chalet in Galapagar. Santa Claus appears as prosecutor. Merry Christmas!
  • Please avoid coming to visit my wife these days because she just gave birth and she is very upset.
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Saint Joseph.
  • At Christmas, friends are like the radars of the Civil Guard: although you often do not see them, they will always be there. Happy Holidays!

Create your own animated greetings with iFunFace

If you want to send a more animated greeting in the form of a video or GIF, there are applications that allow you to do so. Many of them are complex, so if you want to be able to create your congratulations in a few minutes to be able to share it, we recommend iFunFace , an app that allows you to choose a photograph in which you appear yourself and personalize it in a very fun way. Is that how it works:

    Take a new photo from the app or select one from the gallery. Identify the face and mouthof one or more people who appear in the photograph. Record a funny phrase with the microphone and select a voice filter. Share your creationand cause laughter from your family and friends.