Did you delete calls from iPhone? So you can get them back — 2022

On a day-to-day basis, many phone calls are made with the iPhone, the iPad or the Mac. In this case, it must be taken into account that there are incoming, outgoing and also missed calls. All information of this nature is recorded in the call history, which can sometimes be terminated deleting by mistake . In this article we analyze the different ways that exist to be able to recover the call history comfortably.

Considerations before recovering the history

Before proceeding to rescue the information that you have deleted, it is important to talk about different points. Among them stands out the window that exists to retrieve this information , and also why the data is constantly stored on the device despite being deleted.

Call history is never deleted?

If you are in this article, you most likely believed that whenever something was deleted on the iPhone, it was lost forever. But this is something that does not happen, since in any technological equipment it can become really complicated to constantly eliminate any type of information, deleting itself only if it is formatted via really specific formats which are focused on making you lose all the information on the device.

Likewise, as we will see below, it is important to remember that all the information on the device is recorded in its backup copies. In this case, the call history is included, and that is why you will always have a backup for when you delete something by accident. In this way you will always have to be very careful when you want to obtain this type of information.

Available time slot

Keep in mind that, of course, there is a window of time to be able to recover the calls that you have recently deleted. This means that you will not be able to access calls from several months ago, but you will be able to access those most recent. There is not a very limited time frame, but the truth is that it will depend exclusively on you that this history can be maintained and later recovered without any problem.

At the time of deleting the call history, a space is reserved that will not be filled until a new call record is created. In other words, you initially have as a time frame the time it takes until a new call is registered, regardless of its type. In these situations, the most recommended thing to be able to recover the history successfully is to deactivate Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity. In short, activate airplane mode so that there is no possibility of a new call coming in, leaving the previous record intact to be recovered.

Recovery via backup

On iPhone it is quite common to backup all data. Within these you can find a lot of information, including photos, contacts, applications and also the call history. In the event of an oversight that you have had, and if it is vital for you to have the call history that you have deleted, you will be able to recover it through this system. Obviously, you will do it as long as you have had the consideration to activate these copies in iCloud or in iTunes locally. Next we tell you how you will be able to rescue it.

Obviously, this has different problems. The system will force you to restart the device and delete all the information you have stored in order to reinstall the backup. In this way, the information that has been edited from the restoration to the date of the backup will be completely lost, in exchange for having this call history.

on iCloud

To be able to rescue the information through iCloud, it is important to make sure that it has been stored. This is something that can be checked on the route Settings > [device name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups . If in this chaos the copy is active, and you have entered the history of the calls that you want to recover, you will simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. At the bottom click on Reset and select Erase all content and settings.
  4. The iPhone will reboot and format.
  5. In the initial configuration, click on Restore from iCloud backup.
  6. Sign in with your Apple ID and select the copy to recover.

restore iphone

with iTunes

In the event that you do not have space in the iCloud cloud, since you probably have a basic plan, it is likely that you have the copy stored locally in iTunes or in Finder. The procedure is similar to the one that we have previously commented, having to completely eliminate the content of the device, going on to restore it later with the backup that you choose. Although, before restoring the backup, you must prevent another copy from being made automatically when connecting it to the PC or Mac by following these steps:

  1. Go into iTunes or Finder.
  2. At the top click on Edit
  3. Go to Preferences and click on Devices.
  4. disable the option Do not allow automatic synchronization.

From this moment on, the backup you have will not be altered by an automatic synchronization. This is where you will be able to recover the backup without any problem, following these steps:

  1. Connect the phone to the Mac or PC.
  2. Access iTunes or Finder, and click on the iPhone icon.
  3. Choose the Restore iPhone option.
  4. Click on Restore.
Encrypt iTunes backups

To encrypt the copies of iTunes you just have to check this box.

These steps will start the automatic restoration process, with the aim of being able to recover the call history you had before it was completely deleted. The time can be variable, especially depending on the weight of the backup itself.

With third party software

In the event that you do not have a backup, you should know that there are also different programs whose mission is to rescue all this information. The peculiarity is that you won't have to save it in a backup copy, gaining above all in comfort for the user. It makes use of the internal logs of the device where this call log is stored. It can be said that it tries to exploit the remains left by the information that has been deleted on the iPhone. It is something very similar to what can be done with the information that has been deleted on a computer, through the records of the operating system.

There are many programs that can be found on the web related to the recovery of the internal history of an iPhone, in this case the call history. can be highlighted Dr.Phone's iMyFine D-Back among others. The procedure in all these programs is quite similar to what you can have in iTunes. In this case, you simply have to connect the device and choose the specific option to rescue the call history. In this way you can find different options such as recovering deleted messages and even photos.

From this moment on, the program will search the internal records of the device and show you the information that will be able to be recovered. The time will be able to vary, and obviously the information that you will be able to recover will depend on the window of time that exists between the deletion of the data, until you have wanted to recover it as we have commented previously. In this way, recovery is not completely guaranteed, and in many cases these programs will require a payment to be able to use it with all the functions it integrates.