So you can use the iPhone as a webcam on your computer — 2022

Meetings via videoconference are becoming more and more common. If you don't have a webcam it can be a problem, but on the iPhone you always have a more than decent camera that can turn into a webcam. In this article we will tell you how you can do it easily through an application.

Why is it advisable to use the iPhone as a webcam?

It is a reality that the camera of the Mac is not very good. Sometimes it counts to understand that a device as expensive as a Mac doesn't have a decent camera for video conferencing. It can also be the case that the camera on the Mac and even on the PC is broken or missing. This is why the iPhone itself can be used as a webcam.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Cameras

Whether you have a Mac or a Windows PC , the mobile can be used as a webcam to offer us much more quality in all aspects. The possibility of using the mobile's own flash and obviously the quality it offers to take pictures will be available for videoconferencing. The problem will be that while we are using the mobile as a webcam, the rest of the functions cannot be used. But this can be worth it if we need a webcam and we don't have it on the PC or we want more quality than what a Mac offers.

Epocam, the app to transform the iPhone into a webcam

Compatible with both iOS and Android, Epocam is the ideal application to transform a mobile device into a webcam. It can be connected very easily via WiFi to a Windows or macOS computer to broadcast in one of the many compatible applications.

The first thing to do is have connected the iPhone on the same WiFi network as the computer . The connection through a USB cable is also valid if it is the case that you are not in a room with WiFi and only connection through LAN. Once both computers have been connected, you have to download the drivers that we find on the official website of the developers. They are available for both macOS as for Windows , so the iPhone can communicate with these two operating systems without problem. These controllers open and run very easily and quickly while weighing very little.

In some cases, the drivers, even if they are properly installed, are blocked by the system settings. This is quite common, especially in macOS, which is much more closed in this regard. You should always perform a clean installation and check that the system has the necessary permissions to use this application. This can be seen in the privacy options of macOS.

When the drivers are already installed, you will simply have to go to the App Store and install the EpocCam application that will allow you to have all the controls of a camcorder on your iPhone.


EpocCam Webcam for Mac and PC EpocCam Webcam for Mac and PC Descargar QR-Code EpocCam Webcam for Mac and PC Developer: Corsair Components, Inc.

Once you run the application, we will see how the instructions are given to us. But if you have the drivers installed, it will instantly track the nearby compatible device and start displaying the camera image. It will only be necessary to configure in the application that you want to use this camera as if it were a traditional connected camera. There are many applications compatible with this service such as Skype, OBS, Zoom, among others. This is why there won't be any type of problem and the use is really simple, since by executing it we will start broadcasting and we will always be able to switch between the front and rear cameras.

Advantages of the pro version

In the free version you will have all these features that are basic. But if you want to go a little further and have a 1080p quality, you must choose to pay a subscription to open up the range of possibilities. In addition to providing better quality, payment allows you to manually choose the type of connection, audio support and use the flashlight in a dark environment.

The autofocus and the option to switch in the main camera between the lenses is something tremendously interesting. Obviously, it is worth upgrading if the webcam function is going to be heavily used. If it is for a specific moment, it does not make much sense to make that type of payment, since we will not be taking advantage of it.

Other applications that may be useful to you

Keep in mind that beyond Epocam you can also find other options in the App Store. The vast majority of these applications have a very similar operation. They are based on software that is installed on the PC and the application itself that acts as the issuer. In this case we show you the most important options found in the App Store.

iVCam Webcam

This app turns your iPhone or iPad into an HD resolution webcam for your Windows computer. It can also replace your old webcam via USB or integrated. At the same time, it can also act as a baby camera, spy camera, security camera, and also for pets. And if you don't want to be constantly recording on your iPhone or iPad, you should know that through the PC you will be able to make all the recordings you want, staying stored in the local storage.

The features of this application stand out for a high-quality video in real time, with low latency and high speed. The connection is automatic via Wifi or USB and easy to use. After completing the installation, you will have to do the linking in a local environment. It has compatibility with landscape mode, portrait mode and also supports front and rear camera. And if you don't have a microphone, you'll also be able to access the microphone of the device itself, achieving great professional quality with iPhone technology. It is important to point out that there is an application that is completely free, and that you will simply have to choose to install the software on the computers that you want to use. Beyond this, you do not have to make any kind of extra investment to be able to have a great image on your computer.

iVCam Webcam iVCam Webcam Descargar QR-Code iVCam Webcam Developer: e2eSoft