This is how you can annoy GrayKey, the magic box that unlocks iPhones — 2022

A few days ago we told you how the first units of GrayKey they had already been requested by various police forces in the United States.

Well, a very interesting piece of information has just been published on Twitter where they show us the average time it takes for GrayKey to unlock an iPhone . Depending on the digits of our security code, it will increase.

For convenience, you will surely have a code 4 digits or 6 as much. If so, the unlock time is relatively short. But let's look at the total times to see it more clearly.

This is how long it takes GrayKey to unlock an iPhone


An image of an iPhone cracked by GrayKey. Image: Malwarebytes

Thanks to the publication of Matthew Green , we can get an idea of ​​how long it will take for the magic box to unlock an iPhone. The times shown below are estimates:

  • 4 digits: 13 minutes
  • 6 digits: 22.2 hours
  • 8 digits: 92.5 days
  • 10 digits: 9259 days

Who publishes this data is a teacher from cryptography , where he has been able to make this average, which, honestly, is quite surprising. Especially in a 4 digit password. We remember that GrayKey uses brute force to try combinations until it finds the correct one.

Seeing this data, the best we can do is try to shield our security code as much as possible. Leave behind the 4 digits and move on to a more complex one. At the moment, it is the only way to have an iPhone as safe as possible.

honoring the truth, there is nothing impossible , at least in terms of security, but with this simple gesture, we will surely make it more difficult for users who try to reveal our lock code. At the very least, it will require more time (and desperation).

We remember that GrayKey is already put up for sale, where the price ranges between 15,000 and 30,000 dollars , depending on the device configuration. There is even a version with internet connection.