So you can pass documents from Pages to Word and vice versa — 2022

Microsoft Office is the office suite par excellence throughout the world regardless of the equipment used to carry out these functions. However, Apple has a package of completely free applications, including Pages, which would be the alternative to Word. If you want to start using the Apple suite and want to transfer your Word files to Pages, we'll show you how. But we'll also show you how to go the other way and convert documents from Pages to Word. All this from your own Mac.

Transfer documents from Word to Pages

Natively, Microsoft Word allows you to save documents in old formats of this program, in PDF and other interesting formats. However it is not possible to save it as a Pages document. That is why you will have to resort to third-party tools for this. There are many pages on the internet that allow you to carry out these conversions and the one that we will show you in the following steps is one of them. It is not something sponsored or anything similar, but we consider that it is a page that works well, but you can use any other that you know.

word documents to pages

  • Open the page of Zamzar to convert .DOC (Word) documents into Pages.
  • Click on the button add files .
  • Select the document or documents you want to transform.
  • Make sure that the pages format is set in the converter.
  • Click on Convert now.
  • Wait for the files to finish converting and click Download to save them to a folder on your Mac.

It's that simple to transfer documents from Word to Pages, and it's also free so you won't have to download anything you pay for on your computer. We hope that in the future Microsoft will open the door for users to be able to do these conversions from their application, but for now these pages are the most effective methods to do so.

Switch from Pages to Word on Mac

This process is probably the simplest of all. We also find online converters or third-party tools that allow us to do it, but there is a native method with which to export your documents from Pages to Word without further complications and quickly. To do this you must follow these steps:

pages to word documents

  • Open the Pages document you want to reformat.
  • In the top bar click on Archive.
  • and a export to and click on Word.
  • Choose now if you want to set a password to access the document.
  • Regardless of whether you have chosen a password or not, click Next.
  • Choose the name you want to give the document and save it in a folder.

It should be noted, in case you didn't know, that by following these steps you can also convert a Pages document to other formats such as PDF or EPUB, among others. We understand that it may be annoying to have to go one by one if there are several Pages documents that you want to convert to Word, so if you want to convert many documents at the same time, we recommend using a converter such as the aforementioned Zamzar .