You can now save your Instagram Stories live broadcasts to your reel — 2022

Just a few hours ago, Instagram announced a new update to its photography application.

After their last update, in which we remember, they added the G eostickers to incorporate them into its great novelty: Instagram Stories. In this new update we will be able to save the live broadcasts that we do, very much in the style of Periscope.

And how can I save my Instagram broadcasts?

Instagram now allows you to save our live broadcasts

Very easy. As announced by the guys on Instagram through your blog , once we finish our broadcast, a button will appear that quotes save . Giving it there will be saved in our photo library.

This button will appear in the upper right corner, but keep something in mind. If you put any type of filter or geosticker , it will not be saved. Only what is called the stupid of the video .

Neither the likes nor the number of viewers will be saved nor the comments made during the broadcast.

We warn you so that later you are not disappointed when you see that this series of elements does not appear in the videos that you have saved in your reel.

That way you won't miss anything you stream!

Instagram continues to innovate and think about its users

Since they launched in December the possibility of make live videos – and was criticized for its resemblance to Snapchat – now they add this interesting option so that we don't miss those moments when we interact with our followers.

In my opinion it is a very interesting option , since many times we cannot save a specific moment since it did not give us the possibility, but now we will not miss any memory or situation that we decide to transmit through the photography app.

And you, are you an Instagram Stories user? What do you think that they incorporate this new function? We await your comment below about this news.