You can now pre-order the Powerbeats Pro in navy blue, ivory or moss — 2022

A few months ago we saw how Apple presented the new Powerbeats Pro through Beats, which have the mission of covering all the deficiencies that we can find in the AirPods 2 but obviously paying a higher price. At their release we had to consider having them only available in black, but now we find the possibility of buying them in the Apple Store Online or on Amazon in different new colors: navy blue, ivory and moss.

If you are interested in these PowerBeats because you think they may be more suitable for you if you are an athlete or you don't want them to be damaged if it rains in the middle of the street while you are wearing them, now you have a wider color palette to choose from.

Buy the Powerbeats Pro in various colors from today

The price has not changed in the slightest since remains at 249.95 euros . If you order them today through the Apple Store Online here you will have to wait for them to be delivered to you, since they do not go on sale as such until August 30th so it will not be until the end of the month or the beginning of September that they will begin to reach the first buyers.

These Powerbeats Pro are ideal for athletes unlike AirPods basically because they have a better hold and are water resistant. This is undoubtedly a differentiating aspect with the AirPods 2 that do not have this protection and if you are used to sweating a lot while exercising it could be a problem.

for the same price and they are exactly the same.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this renewal of colors in the Powerbeats Pro.