You can now fully enjoy YouTube on your iPhone X — 2022

One of the problems that users of the new iPhone X encountered was e The size of its screen and the poor adaptation that applications had to this new type of screen that is of 19.5:9. In this article I am going to focus on YouTube. If you have an iPhone X and you went to watch a video, they found some black lines on the sides and it did not adapt completely in mode fullscreen.

you always could zoom in to the video to adapt it to the frames of the iPhone X but what happened is that you lost information after all because the edges were cut, even cutting certain heads, for example in the videos of Apple5x1 .

YouTube is made compatible with the iPhone X

This problem has been solved with a update that YouTube is released which adds to the few applications that are already compatible with the iPhone X, specifically with its frames. Now, when we want to play any video in full screen, it will adapt completely, although we will still lose a bit of information at the end.

This is due to the misnamed iPhone X frown. When you put it on full screen at the end on the side you will see this frown and the information that may be there will be lost as you can see in the image above.

Little by little, all the applications are added to the update cart in order to provide an optimal user experience. It should be remembered that With the jump from iPhone 5 to 6, with the difference in screen size, many applications took too long to adapt. We hope that this does not happen this time and developers do not take so long to update their applications, because if not, it is visually annoying to be with the iPhone X.

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