You can now buy cases and accessories for the new iPhone XR — 2022

With reservations already enabled for the new iPhone XR , many companies have rushed to launch their proposals to protect the new Apple terminal. Luckily, we can buy all of them today and they would arrive before receiving our iPhone. The XR will be available from October 26th of this month, so if we choose with time, we will have our terminal protected from the first day.

Currently we can already find both covers and screen protectors. All these proposals have a style and color particular to suit our personal tastes. Now the really complicated thing is knowing how to choose which one we stay with.

Ultra slim case for iPhone XR

Minimalist iPhone XR

One of the most interesting proposals if we want protect our iPhone from small falls and scratches without compromising the design of our new terminal. It is available in several colors for a very attractive price. Possibly one of the most minimalist that we find and that will come in handy together with atable stand for iPhoneto have it well protected from possible scratches.

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transparent cover

Thanks to this type of cover, we will not lose one of the great attractions of the new iPhone XR, its variety of colors. Although Apple could launch a case of its own, the price for which we found this one from ESR makes it an excellent alternative.

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Screen saver

iPhone XR screen protector

The LCD screen Developed by Apple to offer true-to-life colors, it needs extra protection if we often carry our iPhone in a bag with other items to prevent scratches. It also has a very interesting price.

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Half price wireless charger

iPhone XR wireless induction charger

The new iPhone XR It is compatible with wireless charging, something that will surely be very comfortable for you, although perhaps not so much in terms of the price that can be found. Quite the opposite of this charger at half price for a limited time.

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What do you think of these accessories? Which one have you bought?