So you can follow the presentation of iOS 14 and more from WWDC 2020 — 2022

The Apple World Developers Conference, known by its acronym in English WWDC, will be held this year on June 22 and virtually for the first time in history. It is no coincidence, since this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the dangerous possibility of holding face-to-face events. In this event fromApple ParkiOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS 10.15.6, tvOS 14,watchOS 7and other software aspects of the company and who knows if also some device. We tell you how you can follow the event.

The greatest coverage in history in La Manzana Mordida

In this same medium we will make a special follow-up to the opening day of the WWDC, since it is this day in which the novelties that most interest users are presented. In subsequent days there will be workshops and other sessions focused on developers, which, although they will be interesting for the consumer in the future, in the end, technical issues are discussed that are far removed from what we see on that first day. At La Manzana Mordida we want to be able to tell you everything and for this reason we will do a special follow-up throughout the day.


The Bitten Apple WWDC

On this page, the newsroom will be one hundred percent dedicated to broadcasting this event. Álvaro García and José Alberto Lizana will be publishing in real time the news that is shown , highlighting important data such as the compatibility of new operating systems and useful information for downloading and installing the traditional betas that are usually released after this first opening day. Very hand in hand with Geek de Gafas, from MovilZona, who will also be in continuous connection with the newsroom and summarizing these developments in our Twitter .

Also in later days we will thoroughly analyze every detail that has come out in articles dedicated to it, as well as delve into details that have passed by and are worth being highlighted. If any other relevant information is also known in the rest of the days, we will also tell you.

On our YouTube channel

Fernando del Moral and David Hebrew

Since this medium was Apple5x1, it has always been characterized by making a special live tracking in it YouTube channel from the hand of Fernando del Moral. As usual in recent years, he will not be alone, but David Hebrero will be the other master of ceremonies with whom there will be an interesting talk about everything that is being seen live. Due to copyright issues, it will be impossible to broadcast live images of the event on the channel, but a good recommendation is to put the event in one window and the live video in another. That way you can follow live what Tim Cook and company present without missing the comments of our colleagues.

Once this first day is over, our guys will rush to prepare a special video that covers all the news and to be able to tell it in a summary video. Therefore, whether through the video channel, this website or both, you can be aware of everything that happens at WWDC.

Daily podcast and premium podcast

usb microphone for mac

As you probably already know, we have had a daily podcast for a year in which we are telling all the news about Apple and otherpodcast premiumin which we tell interiors of this project and we make more extensive talks of the ecosystem of the apple. Obviously these will be marked by the WWDC 2020 in the near future. Although we cannot tell you anything about what we will do in these, we want to recommend you to be attentive because there will be surprises that you will really like and that will also serve to recapitulate everything seen in this event.

WWDC time and where to watch it

On June 11, Apple confirmed the time that WWDC 2020 will be broadcast. These are the times when you can follow it:

    10:00– Cupertino (USA). 11:00– Guatemala , Managua (Nicaragua), San Salvador (The Savior), Tegucigalpa (Honduras), Saint Joseph (Costa Rica), Mexico DF (Mexico). 12:00– Bogota (Colombia), Lime (Peru), Panama, Quito (Ecuador). 13:00– New York (USA), Peace (Bolivia), Miami (USA), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Caracas (Venezuela). 14:00– Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Santiago (Chili), Assumption (Paraguayan). 18:00– Canary Islands (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal).

The place where to see the event is also another mystery. Normally the company enables a page on its website to be able to track it, so we understand that this year it will do so with more reason considering that it will be the only way to track it. It remains to be seen if, as they did for the first time last year, they also broadcast it through their official YouTube channel. Be that as it may, you can read it in this same article when it is confirmed. So we recommend you bookmark this post and use it when you think there may have been information about it, although we will also tell you about it on our social networks.