So you can follow the presentation of the new iPad Pro 2018 live — 2022

In less than an hour we have a special appointment with Apple since today Tim Cook v will once again surprise us with a product presentation in New York. The product that is raising the most expectations is undoubtedly the new iPad Pro If all the rumors are confirmed, it will be a spectacular device, although with limitations that we hope will be solved with iOS 13. In addition to this new iPad Pro, a renewed MacBook and some AirPods 2 with interesting improvements are expected.

As we have already mentioned on different occasions, this event will not take place in San Francisco as usual, but rather This Keynote will be held in New York at 3:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). If you are not in Spain, then know in the following link what time does the event start in your country.

So you can follow the presentation of the new iPad Pro live

As is tradition in each special Apple event, on the company's website a section has been enabled where you can see the live broadcast although we must meet a series of requirements as explained by our colleagues from MovilZona .

  • If you want to see the Keynote from your iPhone, iPad or iPod you must Have iOS 10 or higher installed and use Safari.
  • In the case of a Mac, we must also be in Safari and with macOS Sierra or higher installed.
  • From the Apple TV we have the Events app available to follow up, although we must be in possession of a Apple TV from 2nd generation onwards.
  • From the Windows PC we can follow the event through the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • In Android we must download the VLC player and go to File > Open network and enter the URL of the broadcast.

We can also see this event in other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, although they require the MSE, H.264 and ACC video codecs.

The link to the official broadcast page is below:

As you can imagine, at La Manzana Mordida we will do a special follow-up both on our YouTube channel with a direct where Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero will comment in detail on everything that happens in New York. Also on the website We will be publishing articles at the moment where we will comment on the characteristics of the new iPad and the rest of the surprises that Apple has not prepared.

We hope to see you in an hour with us to follow this event!