So you can download apps with unlimited mobile data — 2022

It is a reality to say that although we have the best mobile phone on the market in terms of specifications, this would be nothing without the applications that we use on a day-to-day basis. Without the richness of the App Store, the truth is that we could not get the most out of our iPhone or iPad, but there may be a restriction when downloading certain applications using mobile data.

Why Apple imposes restrictions on downloading apps

Currently the applications are not that they weigh little, and that is why downloading one of them from the application store can be a problem for our data rate. Apple thought about this problem and imposed a limitation on downloads, so that users cannot download too large applications from a data network. This decision obliges users to be connected to a WiFi to make use of the App Store something that may be impractical for some people.

Surely you have had the problem of being in the middle of the street and having to install an important application for you. But weighing too much it is impossible for you so you are forced to look for a public WiFi network that is not too fast. This problem is a thing of the past, since with a software update the user was given the possibility of choose how you want to perform these downloads.

How to avoid questions when downloading an app with data

If you are one of those people who has a large data rate and does not care about consuming it in different downloads from the App Store, you can do it. You simply have to follow the following steps on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to Settings on your device.
  2. If we go down we will find the option ‘iTunes Store and App Store’ on which we will click.
  3. We will select the section that says ‘App download’.
  4. In the menu that appears we can select three different options.

Mobile Data DOWNLOADS App StoreDepending on the data plan you have contracted, you can dial the first or second option without any problem. If we choose 'Always allow', You can download all the applications you want, regardless of size, as long as you are connected to a mobile network. Automatic update downloads are included here. This is why you must be very careful because if you have a reduced data plan, it is possible that it runs out without knowing it due to automatic downloads in the background.

If the latter is your case, it is best to select the second option so that ask if the download exceeds 200 MB . Also, no automatic downloading of updates that exceed this weight will take place.

Finally we have the option 'Always ask' where we will be asked for permission when we are going to make a download regardless of the size. This can be tremendously tedious since as long as we are connected to our mobile data we will have to give consent to all the downloads that we are doing.

But we believe that this battery of options are the most appropriate since no measure is imposed on the user, but the possibility of choosing is given. There is a wide range of users, from those who have unlimited data rates to those who have only 1 GB per month. That is why we are happy that there is this diversity of choice within the preferences of the team.

And you, do you usually download many applications from the App Store with mobile data? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.