Looking for a complete scientific calculator for your iPhone or iPad? We show you how to have it — 2022

We live in a time in which more and more traditional everyday objects are being replaced by electronic devices. It happened with the letters written by hand being surpassed by instant messaging services through the mobile. A similar case is already happening in many colleges and universities, where the classic paper notebooks and pens are beginning to be replaced by computers or tablets with digital pencils such as the iPad and the Apple Pencil. Even objects that are sometimes as necessary as calculators are seeing their functions relegated in favor of mobile applications. That's why in this post We will show you how you can have one full calculator on your iPado iPhone to carry out all the operations you require for your studies or your work.

How to have a complete scientific calculator on iPhone

Whether or not you are a novice iPhone user, you have probably already noticed the existence of the native calculator app , although there are also numerouscalculator apps for iPhone and iPadin the App Store. We can hardly talk about this app, since its functionality is self-explanatory. However, what you may not know is that you can access full scientific calculator functionalities from this same application . This is how you can access it:

complete scientific calculator iphone

    Check that you do not have the orientation lock activated on the iPhone. You can look at it in the Control Center by clicking on the icon with a padlock and an arrow around it. If the lock is activated you will see that the icon appears with a white background; you should leave it with the background shaded. Open the Calculator app. Rotate the mobile 90 degrees. To the left or to the right, as it is more comfortable for you to hold the iPhone.

Once this is done, you will see how advanced functions have appeared in the iPhone calculator. This will allow you to perform calculations of logarithms, square roots, powers and many other functions that you can do with a classic scientific calculator.

So you can have a calculator on the iPad

Both iPhones and iPads share the same operating system, iOS. but surprisingly the iPad version does not have a native calculator app as if it happens on the iPhone. It is somewhat strange because these devices are increasingly used to perform professional or study-related tasks and a calculator can be basic for it.

Fortunately there is no impediment for us to install an application that allows us to have a calculator on the iPad . There are many in the App Store, but we recommend one in particular that has given us a very good user experience.

complete scientific calculator iPad

The app in question is Ez Calculators , which you can download by clicking here . This application does not contain advertising and its download is free . It allows you to have all the functions of a scientific calculator in addition to having other interesting graphic functions. highly recommended if you want to own a calculator on your iPad.

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