Our weekly Podcast is now available (03/05/2018) — 2022

We return one more week with Jaime Ortega in our Podcast weekly and all the most outstanding news from Apple during the week.

On this occasion we deal with topics of considerable interest, such as the arrival of a new banking entity in Apple Pay .

In addition to other news that will be of your interest, such as news in WhatsApp or the new Apple patent, among other news.

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  • Gold iPhone X
  • Apple patents an OLED touch keyboard
  • 68 minutes to delete a message on WhatsApp
  • As you may have heard on the Podcast, Bankinter will join as a new entity to Apple Pay. A very grateful arrival for the clients of this bank, where we hope that in a few months, other new entities will arrive. One of the most anticipated is BBVA, many of you ask us about it, but today, we have no more information about it.

    With the new color iPhone X , the filtered image is curious, since it is a gold color but unlike with a metal finish, it seems that we are facing a full-fledged gold ingot. This is thanks to the effect of the glass finish, we look forward to the result of this color in the second generation of the iPhone X.

    The new patent opens up a world of possibilities on Macs, as it could completely revolutionize the laptop industry. For some time now, this type of keyboard has been heard with a certain force of weight. Some users are more reluctant than others with this new technology, but as always, Apple surely knows how to make it functional and attractive to us, the customers.

    We end with a novelty in WhatsApp , where we will soon have more than an hour to delete a message. Of course, the message will continue to appear notifying our contacts saying that we have deleted a text, so the remedy could be worse than the disease.


    We hope all your opinions in the box of comments about what you think of these news published in our weekly Podcast.