You'll laugh out loud with these iOS apps to play pranks — 2022

In the App Store there is a huge variety of applications available for the iPhone from multiple categories, from applications to be more productive to applications that allow you to have a professional camera on the device itself. However, in today's post we want to have a great time, that's why we bring you this compilation of applications with which you can play pranks on your friends or loved ones.

Beware of the legality of some jokes

Many of the applications that we are going to talk about consist of making phone calls, so they involve recording the other person while the call is being made. At this point you have to be very careful because there are different countries where recording a private phone call is a crime . In addition, if you are going to publish said joke later on a social network, you have to always have the consent of the other person as it is a private call.

Another very important aspect that you have to be aware of is the Privacy Y how the application uses the data . Surely, in order to play the prank you will have to provide a series of data, so we recommend that before doing so, you know how this application treats them, which you can consult from its App Store file.

phone call pranks

As we mentioned before, many of the applications that we are going to talk about in this post are intended to play prank calls on your family or friends, and that is exactly where we are going to start. However, we again place special emphasis on you being very clear about whether you can record the call and how each application manages the personal data you provide.

Juasapp Live – Pranks

Juasapp Live - Pranks

We begin with the compilation of applications to play pranks by talking about Juasapp Live, which, as you can guess by reading the name of the app, its function is to give users the possibility of making phone pranks , participating in all of them and, of course, being able to record with your own iPhone to be able to relive them as many times as you want and have a great time of fun.

Without a doubt, with this application laughs are guaranteed since it allows you to be able to listen to the call live and participate in it whenever you want. You have free calls by installing the application itself, by registering with FaceBook or Google, and also, from time to time they add free calls so you can use them.

Juasapp Live - Pranks Juasapp Live - Pranks Descargar QR-Code Juasapp Live - Pranks Developer: Miraclia Telecommunications, S.L.

Vacilapp: Telephone pranks

Vacilapp- Telephone pranks

The name of this application speaks for itself. If you want to spend a good prank call with which both you and your friends or family will be laughing for days, you have to use Vacilapp. It allows you play totally personalized prank calls whoever you want, whether it's a friend or family member, to later laugh together and have a good time.

Count with one wide range of jokes among which you will have to choose the one you like the most. Then you only have to choose the recipient of said prank and he will be the one who receives the call without at any time being aware that you have been the author of said prank. In addition, it will also give you the possibility to customize the pranks you want to make to make them even more believable.

Vacilapp: Telephone pranks Vacilapp: Telephone pranks Descargar QR-Code Vacilapp: Telephone pranks Developer: IMEGA SOLUTIONS LIMITED COMPANY.

PrankDial – Telephone Pranks


This application has, without a doubt, a huge number of jokes behind its back, in fact, they have already been over 200 million calls those that have been made through this app to spend a prank call on a friend or family member. Without a doubt, it is a very appropriate way to spend a joke and be able to relive it as many times as you want later.

It gives you the possibility to one free call per day , where you can choose between the 20 different pranks that it has and those that will be added later, since this application is constantly being renewed. It is an intelligent application that will bring even more realism to the call so that the joke goes to the end and you can all laugh together.

PrankDial - Phone Pranks PrankDial - Phone Pranks Descargar QR-Code PrankDial - Phone Pranks Developer: KickBack, Inc



If what you want is to have a laugh with your friends or family, this application, Jokesphone, is one of the number 1 candidates that you have to evaluate if you are going to carry out a good prank call . Like the rest of applications of this type, you will have to pay for the calls you want to make, except that you get free pranks by fulfilling the requirements indicated by the application itself.

You have to know that the call is not really made from your iPhone, but rather from the switchboard, making in just two minutes have the whole joke on your iPhone to be able to listen to it in all kinds of detail and break out laughing with your friends or family, even with the person who has been the object of the joke.

Jokesphone Jokesphone Descargar QR-Code Jokesphone Developer: CashITapp

Prank Wars Telephone Pranks

Prank Wars Jokes

Do you want to play a good prank call on a friend or family member? And what is better, do you want to listen to that joke live and see for yourself how that person reacts? Well, with Prank Wars you can do it easily since it makes the whole process easier for you, in fact you won't have to do practically anything to get to spend a great phone prank and burst out laughing.

The way to carry it out is really simple, so on top of that you won't have to worry about practically anything. You just have to choose the joke you want from the catalog offered by this application, select the phone number of the person you want to play the joke on and laugh, since the next step is to enjoy the call that application itself will perform.

Prank Wars Telephone Pranks Prank Wars Telephone Pranks Descargar QR-Code Prank Wars Telephone Pranks Developer: Invisible Apps Ltd

Applications for other types of pranks

Once we have already talked about the applications that allow you to make prank calls, let's go with others that, on the one hand, can complement these prank calls, but that also offer very funny and interesting ways of being able to play other types of pranks to continue having a good time. great fun time laughing.

Fake Call Plus – Prank Dial App

Fake Call Plus - Prank Dial App

We are still talking about calls, but in this case the process is quite different since it is not about pranking a friend or family member, but about making them really amazed when they see who is calling you. This app is about a realistic simulator of incoming calls on the iPhone.

you just have to schedule a call incoming and with the press of a button said call will be carried out at the time you have indicated. You have the possibility to choose the person who will make the call from among your contacts, but you can also customize the name of the person. It even allows you to record the voice of the incoming call to answer the call itself.

Fake Call Plus-Prank Dial App Fake Call Plus-Prank Dial App Descargar QR-Code Fake Call Plus-Prank Dial App Developer: Xuejing Pan

hair clipper prank

hair clipper prank

One of the jokes that also usually gives a lot of play is to use some device to imitate the sound of a hair clipper . Well, that is exactly what this application provides you. You can turn your iPhone into a fake hair clipper with which to scare and prank a friend or family member.

Using this application is really easy and simple, you just have to download it from the App Store and start using it. That yes, what we recommend is that keep your iPhone well protected in case the reaction of the person you are going to prank is to knock away what, in theory, is the hair clipper, that is, your iPhone.

hair clipper prank hair clipper prank Descargar QR-Code hair clipper prank Developer: First Class Media B.V.

Voice Changer – Allogag

Voice Changer - Allogag

As we said before, in this second category of the compilation there may be some applications that complement the previously described ones. Well, this is the case of one of them since it is a voice changer , which will be great for you add a touch of epicity to any prank call what you want to do and in which you can participate.

The operation of this application is very simple, you just have to edit your own voice to your liking, enter the recipient's number and also your own, confirm that you want to make the call and start with the prank, which unlike the applications of the ones that we have talked about before, now if you have to do it yourself. You have different voice options, such as an alien, a squirrel, helium or even Darth Vader among others.

Voice Changer -Allogag Voice Changer -Allogag Descargar QR-Code Voice Changer -Allogag Developer: ACETELECOM

fart cushion

fart cushion

Undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable moments that can happen to a person is having gas and leaking when you're around people . With this application you can make a friend or family member feel that shame and live a very uncomfortable moment while the rest of you laugh with this joke, without a doubt, one of the most classic jokes to embarrass your friends in public.

To do this, you just have to make sure that you place the iPhone in a good place, making sure that the person you want to play the prank on will be there. The application itself will detect when a person sits down and will emit the noise that will leave them white and that will make the rest of the people laugh.

fart cushion fart cushion Descargar QR-Code fart cushion Developer: TMSOFT

Look who's calling!!

look who's calling

We finish the compilation with an application very similar to one of the options that we have previously commented on. And with Look who's calling you can play a good prank on everyone you have by your side and look at your iPhone to check who's calling you, which is precisely the purpose of this application, to simulate an incoming call on your mobile device.

This way you can make your friends believe that a president of the government is calling you , a music star or a great soccer player since you can customize both the contact's name and your own image so that it appears when your iPhone starts ringing, simulating a call. You will be able to schedule the call and leave the iPhone visible so that everyone can check who is calling you.

Look who's calling!! Look who's calling!! Descargar QR-Code Look who's calling!! Developer: Kaps Management Group

Which is the funniest of all?

As always when we carry out this type of compilation, we like to tell you which are the options that, to the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, have convinced us the most, although, we repeat again, this is a totally subjective choice that can, or no, coincide with yours, and that is based on certain personal tastes.

If we look at the applications that allow us to make a joke through a phone call, the one that has been the funniest for us is PrankiDial due to the wide variety of pranks you have available. On the other hand, of the rest of the applications, the joke that, personally, we liked the most, is that of the fart cushion , since it is a really uncomfortable moment that will unleash the laughter of all those present.