YaPhone ends its sales in style by lowering the price of the iPhone X and XR — 2022

At the beginning of February we brought youIt's the incredible sales that YaPhone was doing on a wide variety of Apple products.If you are thinking of getting a new iPhone to renew your equipment or give a gift, I don't know what you are waiting for to go to the YaPhone website and get one of these Discounted iPhone because in 10 days these super sales will be over. To give the last push, YaPhone has launched a new series of offers related to the iPhone X and XR, lowering its price once again.

The iPhone X, the protagonist in this end of sales

The iPhone X, despite the fact that it is a device from 2017, is still a very competent terminal today. The features included they are very similar to those of the iPhone XS presented last year except for the camera that is a little worse. This is why if you want to save some money on updating your devices, the iPhone X is a very viable option.

In YaPhone they know this and that is why they have decided to reduce, even more, the price of the iPhone X in both capacities. Specifically, the price at which we find them are the following:

  • iPhone X with an internal storage of 64 GB: €795 .
  • iPhone X with an internal storage of 256 GB: €898.

If you are interested in this device You can find it on the YaPhone website in both colors and with immediate delivery in most cases Well, you will receive it in 24 hours as long as it is in stock at the time you buy it. It is an ideal option if your old device has been broken and you don't want tochange iPhone X case.

Another of the offers that they have launched in this end of sales is the iPhone XR in black with a 64 GB storage that has stayed at the great price of € 719 also with an immediate shipment of 24 hours and that you can find here.

In addition to these offers, remember thatin early FebruaryWe talk about many others related to Apple products such as the 64 GB iPhone XS for less than 1,000 euros, among others that you will find here .

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