Xiaomi outsells Apple this quarter — 2022

With the landing of Xiaomi in Spain a few months ago, the company has just surpassed Apple in terms of sales during this quarter. In addition to having a fairly high growth in a very short time.

Currently, Xiaomi occupies the third position of brands at the sales level, while Apple has moved to fourth place. Topping the top spot for Samsung and Huawei , which continue to lead the market.

The sales quota managed by Xiaomi is located in the 14.1% in Spain. But not only in our country is it appearing in the top 5 of the brands that sell the most, at a European level, it has also slipped into fourth place.

Xiaomi squeezes Apple in sales

It should be noted that the Californians' strong campaign starts in September of each year, where they usually launch the new iPhones . Xiaomi's aggressive campaign with a value for money ratio has made consumers look at this brand during the last months .

Apple during its last fiscal quarter, has had a positive income, far exceeding the expectations of analysts. Being the iPhone X the terminal best seller in the first quarter of 2018, specifically, 16 million units.

It should be noted that after the Apple terminals, Xiaomi with its Redmi 5A and 5.4 million units sold, surpassed Samsung with its flagship, the Galaxy S9 Plus with 5.3 million units sold.

Even though that him Apple iPhone X It has been the best-selling terminal in the past quarter, Xiaomi It has just taken fourth place in terms of terminal sales in Spain with a market share of 14.1% during this last quarter, where Californians show 12.9%.

Do you think that Xiaomi will continue to surpass Apple in terms of sales now that it officially sells in Spain?