Xbox Live will integrate with your iOS team in 2019 — 2022

In 2019 we will be able to have an important advance in the world of games for mobile devices, since Microsoft intends connect Xbox Live gamers with iOS and Android. This will try to bridge the gap between game consoles and mobile devices, although it is certainly very difficult since Microsoft is going to try to do it.

Microsoft wants you to always carry the Xbox on your iPhone

This news comes after publishing Microsoft's agenda for its next Developers Conference that will take place next March. In this we have seen that they plan to introduce a new SDK that will integrate all players who are on iOS or Android or even play daily with their Nintendo Switch.

Undoubtedly, Xbox does not have much pull in Spain at the moment and in other countries where the PlayStation is undoubtedly the queen, but this integration with iOS and Android may not be crazy. Currently there are numerous games that can act as very good claims to users such as Fortnite or Minecraft.

There are not many details of this cross-platform idea that Microsoft is working on, but it seems that we can have a lot of information on our mobile like our game history, friends list, clans and everything we can have on an Xbox as such.

Obviously if we want to play with our iPhone as if it were a real console we must have a proper command, which has already been commissioned to develop the company itself in order to have everything ready for this incredible launch.

If you are a gamer, without a doubt this is what Microsoft is planning it will be good news because you won't be separated from your console anywhere. You can play in different public places like the bus or the subway, something that we can now do with the Nintendo Switch. But with this we only have to take the controls with us and transform our mobile into a console.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this new functionality from Microsoft that they intend to present us in March.