Xbox controller, multiple charging base and more among the new things that Apple sells in its online store — 2022

One of the strengths of the online Apple Store is that we can buy all kinds of accessories compatible with the brand's devices, beyond these. So in it we find covers, chargers, cables and another series of very interesting technological gadgets. In the last few hours we have witnessed the launch of a few novelties that are already available for purchase through the internet.

New accessories in the Apple Store Online

If you have ever gone to a physical Apple Store you will have been able to verify that in addition to the typical iPhone, iPad or Mac, there are also other 'pots' for sale. Some are even rare to see at first in such a store, such as a body temperature meter or an electronic mug. These are accessories that the Cupertino company does not manufacture or design but that it considers worthy of being for sale to accompany its devices.

One of the new accessories put up for sale in your online store in recent hours is the xbox controller . Yes, it is true, it is not something exclusive and can be found in many stores. However, it is noteworthy that Apple sells a Microsoft controller and this is due to the fact that new operating systems such as iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and tvOS 13 have added compatibility with this type of third-party controller to be able to enjoy video games. Key in this is also the arrival of theApple Arcade.

Another prominent accessory is the Logitech Crayon , a fabulous alternative to the Apple Pencil but cheaper. This is also compatible with the same iPad as the Apple stylus. In this case, there was already a version for sale in the company's online store and what has been done now is to add a new version in gray that accompanies the previous orange finish (although Apple calls it red).

The Man Mug 2 has also made its debut. We are referring to the famous cup that, thanks to its technology and a base that it includes, is capable of keeping the drink inside at the temperature we want. This temperature, by the way, is adjustable from an iPhone application that we find in the App Store.

The failed attempt to launch the AirPower seems not to have been enough for Apple to forget about the multiple charging bases and it is that in its day catalog it has some aliases that now join the Drop XL , capable of charging up to two iPhones with a maximum power of 7.5 w. Something not insignificant considering that there are two teams that can load simultaneously.

Other notable novelties is the new lumos smart bike helmet that includes a series of LEDs that are activated in different colors depending on your situation on the road, such as the change to red when braking. Similar functions are fulfilled by Matrix Urban Lights . Also other accessories such as Beamo Min LED Light i of the Joby brand make their appearance in the catalogue.

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