Win an iPhone X in this international giveaway — 2022

A few days ago Apple we were surprised with a revolutionary new terminal, the iPhone X. We were all left with our mouths open with all the benefits that this terminal brought, but we were petrified when at the end of the Keynote they announced the price and especially when we saw it in the Apple Store Online. We all put our hands to our heads when we saw €1159 for the 64GB model. Will you be able to buy it? Do you want the final price to be zero euros? So, this international raffle interests you, because we are raffling off an iPhone X and in this post we will show you all the details to participate.

An iPhone X can be yours if you follow these steps

Most important of all, this giveaway is totally international , that is why you should not worry about where you live, then you can participate without any problem . The way to participate is told by Fernando Del Moral in this video that was uploaded yesterday on our YouTube channel:

You will have a date until September 30. The draw is made thanks to Apple 5×1 and Canal de Bargains. The winner will be notified on the Telegram channel of Canal de Bargains. All this draw will be managed from the Telegram application and these are the steps you must follow to participate:

  1. Download the app from Telegram .
  2. Next you have to click in this link.
  3. A web page will open and we will have to click on the green button, Participates.
  4. Automatically a screen will open in Telegram , where all the requirements to participate and the instructions to participate will be assembled. By pressing each requirement you will get a participation (the more participations, the more chances of winning).
  5. Dale a check actions .
  6. If you want to keep getting shares, if you share it to 3 people you will get an extra participation. So you are taking time to share it with all your friends.

What are you waiting for to participate? We remind you that all the features of this iPhone X can be found in this video by Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero:

And of course, remember that we still have an open draw for some AirPods. I hope you are already participating!