Why the Apple Watch measures the pulsations of a bottle of water (or a banana) — 2022

A few days ago videos began to appear about users who measured the pulsation of objects and fruits with the Apple Watch and other smart watches. Despite the fact that many have shouted to the heavens, the truth is that it has an easy explanation.

This phenomenon is due to photoplethysmography. Basically, the heart rate monitor detects the flow of blood with the light sensor, when it is activated, the blood absorbs the level of light it receives and bounces back to the sensor. Offering specific data.

When we apply this to an object, what we are doing is that the light from the sensor bounces off the object in question (as if it were the blood flow itself). Hence, it offers different answers if we practice it on a fruit or on an object such as a bottle of water. Each reflects a different level of light , interpreted as non-existent pulsations.

The Apple Watch is not the only one that confuses the heartbeat

Other devices that can measure the heart rate also offer a similar result when we try to perform the same operation. This does not mean that the product is defective. The best way to check is taking our own pulse like it's been done forever for a minute and then compare it to the Apple Watch.

We wanted to make the comparison with a bottle of water Indeed, the Apple Watch began to record a series of heartbeats. Depending on the clarity, it responded with a greater number of heartbeats. That is why it must be taken into account that theApple Watch heart rate sensor may fail.

Then we decided to check it out with two people manually and then compare the results with the Apple Watch. Indeed, the data was correct.

With which you should not be alarmed by it, as we have commented at the beginning, everything has an explanation towards this phenomenon, clearing all the doubts and strange theories that we can find on the Internet towards the Apple Watch . However, be careful with the experiments, sinceApple Watch water damage is not covered under warranty.