Why is there so much demand for the new iPhone X? — 2022

Each launch of a new Apple terminal always creates a lot of expectation, except on iPhone 8 , where it did not make much noise at its launch (despite being a spectacular phone).

The new iPhone X has a new design that falls in love, a new generation of iPhone , a device with fresh air and where Apple finally breaks the relationship with frames and the Home button.

We have had the same design since 2014, specifically since the iPhone 6, so the illusion of users to change phones is normal, despite its price.

The iPhone X has a higher price than the previous iPhone, this makes it many users think twice before buying the new Apple flagship.

I don't like to talk about whether a product is expensive or cheap, I prefer to say that It is higher in price than other devices . Not for being a fanboy, far from it. Be careful, in the competition we find terminals with prices similar to the iPhone.

There are those who have hobbies that may seem expensive to us, for example, bicycles over 7,000 euros , where we can even hear that it is well priced. This, for someone who is not involved in the world, may be excessive, but whoever is in that league will see it with different eyes.

The same goes for tech products, in this case the iPhone X. You have to take stock of the whole . A good camera, a good processor, an enviable operating system, a design that falls in love and a device that is the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing we see when we go to sleep.

The iPhone has become a device of our day to day, before we went out with the wallet and the keys, now we add the iPhone , even on certain occasions we can delete the portfolio.


It is always with us, we never turn it off, we use it for everything, and everything it does, it does really well. So, we don't need to justify ourselves to buy it , because it will be useful to us from day one. Both for the iPhone X and for another model.

iPhone X demand is outstripping reservations , simply because we want a new iPhone, a new design, because we like technology and because we like the Apple brand. There is no more, so enjoy your new iPhone X.

Have you reserved the new iPhone X? Do you prefer to buy another Apple terminal?