Why goodbye Adobe Flash doesn't affect your iPhone, iPad, and Mac — 2022

In this 2021 there are many things that we hope to leave behind, most of them related to the bad omens of COVID-19. However, there are other things that we have left behind and that surely many do not even know. Adobe announced in 2017 that it would end support for the popular Adobe Flash Player and has finally delivered on its promise. But what does it affect your Apple devices? We analyze it.

Isn't there already support for Adobe Flash Player?

No. As we mentioned at the beginning, it has been almost four years since the San José-based company announced the definitive goodbye to Adobe Flash Player. For the month of September it was learned that December was already the month marked in red for it and it has finally been so. Today there is no longer support for this standard and even some Windows computers have begun to send pop-up messages recommending its uninstallation.

What does this imply for users?

Really, this decision by Adobe should not affect users since the most popular browsers have already definitively moved away from this format. In the case of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS users this is even more evident. One of the obsessions of the iconic Steve Jobs was that his mobile devices were never compatible with Flash and in fact during the first years of life of the iPhone and iPad there were many jokes that arose about it, more critical of Apple than another thing. The tables have now completely turned.

Adobe Flash iPhone

In the case of Macs, they have accepted this software for years, although it must be said that it is not without controversy. There have been many vulnerabilities caused by Adobe Flash Player on apple computers, although they have also spread to Windows computers. Therefore, Apple and Microsoft breathe easy after the final goodbye to this support.

Therefore, if you have an iPhone or iPad, don't worry about anything. If you have a Mac you shouldn't either because Flash hasn't been needed for years, but if you want to stay calm, examine the files of the programs you have installed with the aim of eliminating it if it were. If you wish not to do so, nothing will happen either, but you should know that you will not receive a single update of the program. If you have a video game that still needs this player, the ball really is in the developers' court, which will have to adapt to the times and allow their game to be compatible with other more current programs that pose less risk to the user. device.