Which graphics tablet is the best to use with a Mac? — 2022

Are you a creative person? Are you tired of working on paper? Now you can go digital thanks to the graphic design tablets that can be found on the market. It is obviously important that it is compatible with the Mac, and that is why in this article we are going to make a compilation with the best options that can be found on the market.

What to look for in a graphics tablet

In the market there are many graphic tablets that can be found for both professionals and beginners. Although you have to look for several features that are essential in these teams with the aim of always having the best possible value for money. In this sense, the points that you should always keep in mind are the following:

    Integrated screen:Within the graphics tablets you can find models with a screen that act as a second monitor and others that are only tactile. The former are always aimed at a professional audience that seeks the best possible quality and precision. But if you are a person who does not have experience, you may find it more useful to buy a model without a screen. Integrated capacitive pen:with the tablet alone, you can't work very well. To make drawings it is necessary to use a capacitive pen or pencil. It is important to take into account the levels of pressure that are available and also the sensation that it transmits. What is truly relevant is that it is assimilated to the experience that is similar to that of drawing on paper. Size:It is certainly a very relevant aspect. It is especially important when you have to carry out a job on the move, changing offices frequently or from home. Being thin, small and light can be crucial when carrying it in a backpack or suitcase. Price:There is a wide variety of prices on the market that try to adapt to the user's pocket. Within the graphic tablets we can distinguish different ranges, being those that have a screen the highest range and therefore have a higher price. Obviously, you should always look for a tablet that fits your budget, and if you are a novice in this sector you should not spend a lot of money on it.

Options that act as a second monitor

Those people who are professionally dedicated to graphic design need equipment that is consistent. In this sense, it is very interesting to have a graphic tablet that is professional. These are characterized by having a high price, but they have a touch screen that acts as a second monitor for the Mac. In this way you will be drawing in a comfortable way with the pencil with great precision. This is something that unfortunately cannot be achieved in those models that do not act as a monitor.

HUION Kamavas Pro 16


This tablet has a 15.6-inch screen with 4K resolution and an anti-reflective finish. In this way when you are working you will not have any impediment with the reflections that can be generated by the light. Obviously, it is fully compatible with Macs, since when you connect it you will have a secondary monitor where you can work with the type of programs in this sector, such as Photoshop itself.

In order to work comfortably the tablet can be tilted. For artists, colors are really important, and that is why the manufacturer has opted to include a 120% RGB range combined with 16.7 million colors on screen . The performance offered by the pen is advanced by having a 0.3mm accuracy , and allows to spread the ideas in a precise and exact way.

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XP-PEN Artist 24 Pro

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The screen of this graphics tablet has a QHD 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with 23.8 inches in size. This presents vivid and realistic HD images, allowing the smallest details to be captured, thus creating more attractive and realistic works. Designed to be able to work in CorelDraw, 3D Max, CAD or Photoshop among others. Dispose of 2 red wheels on the sides and 20 shortcut keys that can be customized to be much more efficient at work.

It has a USB hub that can be connected with a mouse, a mobile or a touch button to have many more customization options. The pencil comes on a hanger so that it is not lost at any time. In order to guarantee the comfort of the artist, an inclination of up to 60 degrees with the pen and even the effect of pressure is supported.

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Wacom One Creative

graphic tablet

This is one of the most reputable brands out there when it comes to graphics tablets. Although, although in recent years the competition has taken away market share in an important way, it continues to offer high quality products. In this case, the model we propose has a 13.3-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for what we are talking about Full HD .

The manufacturer promises bright colors and a digital pen that is precise, although you can always have a better model that is sold by the brand itself. It is a model that is designed to make education and homework assignments thanks to its size. Similarly, you can also take advantage of the brand's different services in this regard, which will help people who are just starting out in this world of graphic and illustrative design.

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The pencil that integrates has 8192 pressure levels that allows you to make precise, smooth, sharp and natural lines during digital creation. In this sense, the pencil should never be recharged, gaining in comfort. This is something really important in a tablet, since the pen is ultimately the work tool of professionals. Also, if you are working for many hours, you should know that the silicone finish protects your hand from any damage.

It has 8 shortcut keys that are available to customize depending on your own creative habits. This way you can zoom in/out, scroll up or down to always speed up efficiency. It has a weight does not exceed 1 kg, which is ideal for anyone who needs to be on the move quite often.

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UGEE U1200

graphic tablet

graphics tablet with a 12 inch screen and that requires constant connection to a Mac to work. It is compatible with the vast majority of programs used by professionals such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, SAI, Clip Studio, MediBang and many more. It has an ideal screen for online education and remote work. It has a color gamut 90% NTSC on an IPS HD screen.

Included is a PS12 passive pen. It is capacitive so it does not have a battery to recharge. Offer the artist 8192 pressure levels which is the standard in this price range. In order to avoid problems in the future, 10 spare tips, a digital eraser are included and it supports an inclination of up to 60 degrees. This will allow anyone to work more freely as if they were in a real role.

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Inexpensive non-display alternatives

All we have seen so far are tablets that can be considered high end. This is because the fact of including a screen that acts as a second monitor increases its price and also its quality. In the event that you are starting in the world of graphic design or illustration, you will not want to spend a lot of money. That is why the options without a screen may be made for you, in order for you to know if it is something you like or not before making a greater investment. Here are the best options available.


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The tablet stands out for integrating a panel with four tactile keys on its sides. This makes them customizable. four different shortcuts , improving fluidity in the work being done. It will also allow you to have control of the canvas or the brushes that are going to be used. This is something similar to what you can have with your own mobile.

The pencil that it includes does not have the need to recharge it. Equally, more than 8000 pressure levels are available in the stylus that is precise and sensitive. Provides a natural writing experience as if you were writing on real paper. The two programmable shortcuts allow you to quickly modify the work without getting your hands dirty. In addition, you will have 8 replaceable tips to adapt to the way you draw.

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HUION Inspiroy H640P

graphic tablet

This tablet is combined with a pen without battery of ergonomic design with 8192 pressure levels . This pencil offers great precision and control of the entire situation. This is really interesting, since at no time will it be necessary to stop working to recharge it. On the side you can find 6 function keys that can be easily configured through animation software that is available for different platforms.

Model coated with top-tier materials to ensure long-term use. High-end wear-resistant fiber material plus special processing technology will have a real paper feel when drawing. The net weight is only 277 grams and the size is quite small. In this way you can transport it comfortably depending on where you go to work.

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UGEE S1060

It has at the top 12 customizable fire keys to draw. Supports shortcuts for up to eight drawing programs. Shortcut keys can be customized with endless possibilities. The most interesting thing above all is the change of tools such as the brush, having the eraser or modifying the available gradient time. All this gives you the ability to improve productivity and efficiency while you are working.

The pen included in the pack allows you to have up to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and one 60 degree tilt . All this is achieved without having to recharge the pen. The main objective of these features is to bring the experience as close as possible to that of a simple notebook. With the possibility of tilting, the blur effect can be used.

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XP-PEN Deco 02

Second version of this tablet model that adds a multifunction ring, designed for lefties and righties. With this you can make different adjustments and improve your work area with the possibility of browsing through the settings. It is fully compatible with macOS and especially with those programs that are common in graphic designers.

It is portable and durable, having a 10 x 5.63 cm active drawing area size to paint and create creative works. It is only 9mm thick for easy portability in any bag or backpack. Likewise, if you are working on a MacBook, it should be noted that it has a universal USB-C input so that you do not have to carry connection hubs.

Tablet XP-PEN Deco 02 buy it at EUR 89.99


Model that is passive as it does not include a battery or require it to be charged. Exactly the same thing happens to the pen, thus being able to draw or paint without any type of interruption. In addition, there are two buttons that are programmable. In this way the rocker switch also allows to create new functions.

If we focus on the pen, we must highlight the 8192 pressure levels that it includes with four customizable keys by the user. In this case the button when pressed can change the tool or activate the eraser. The 266 PPS transfer rate/resolution with an active surface of 6.5 x 4 inches. This size is easy to transport and above all light so that it does not involve a significant effort.

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What model do we recommend?

If you are a professional person, we should always recommend you to use a tablet that has a touch screen. This connects to the Mac and allows you to replicate everything that is being displayed, being compatible with numerous image editing programs. Specifically, we opted for the HUION model, the Kamavas Pro 16 . It has a screen of a considerable size, although without being too large, and with an image and pen quality that is ideal for any artist.

Secondly, if you are a beginner, you should opt for other models that do not have a screen and are cheap. To be more precise, of all the tablets discussed we recommend the UGEE S1060 . It has several quick access buttons at the top that improves workflow significantly. In addition, the pen does not have any type of battery to recharge, so work is not interrupted.