Where is it cheaper to repair a broken iPhone? — 2022

Repairing an iPhone, depending on the fault and model, can be expensive. Sometimes it is not even worth paying for a repair compared to buying a new device. The recommendation is always to take the equipment to Apple or authorized services to have official parts, however today we are going to find out how much these repairs cost in some well-known franchises.

Main failures of an iPhone: battery and screen

The iPhone, like any other mobile device, can suffer some kind of breakdown. Generally the software bugs they end up being solved with updates to the operating system that Apple itself releases with some frequency. There are exceptions in which you have to go to technical support, although in those cases it always ends up deriving from a board problem or similar.

iphone battery price

The most common problems for iPhone users are batteries and screens . The first for logical reasons, since the extended use of an electronic device over time causes the battery to end up resisting and therefore the useful life of the terminal is shortened. The screen, despite not being something that wears out over time in the same way, is usually a common and very cumbersome breakdown that often prevents the correct use of the device. In the latter case, it is evident that the breaks are due to accidental falls or bumps.

Repair prices in the official Apple Store

In Apple's physical stores we can access multiple repair services, whether they are for a specific part or software problems. There are also some exceptions where repairs are free and this is when the iPhone is under warranty and suffers from any damage not caused by misuse.

Replacing the battery of an iPhone can become free in certain cases, such as the device being under warranty or its degradation due to a factory defect. However, in most cases it will have to be paid for, so this would be the price list for changing a battery at Apple:

    iPhone 5c:55 euros iPhone 5s:55 euros iPhone 6:55 euros iPhone 6 Plus:55 euros iPhone 6s:55 euros iPhone 6s Plus:55 euros iPhone SE (1st generation):55 euros iPhone 7:55 euros iPhone 7 Plus:55 euros iPhone 8:55 euros iPhone 8 Plus:55 euros iPhone X:75 euros iPhone XS:75 euros iPhone XS Max:75 euros iPhone XR:75 euros iPhone 11:75 euros iPhone 11 Pro:75 euros iPhone 11 Pro Max:75 euros iPhone SE (2nd generation):55 euros iPhone 12 mini:75 euros iPhone 12:75 euros iPhone 12 Pro:75 euros iPhone 12 Pro Max:75 euros

In the case of screens We also find exceptions so that the replacement is free, while the official prices of the company are these:

    iPhone 5c:€151.10 iPhone 5s:€151.10 iPhone 6:€171.10 iPhone 6 Plus:€191.10 iPhone 6s:€171.10 iPhone 6s Plus:€191.10 iPhone SE (1st generation):€151.10 iPhone 7:€171.10 iPhone 7 Plus:€191.10 iPhone 8:€171.10 iPhone 8 Plus:€191.10 iPhone X:€311.10 iPhone XS:€311.10 iPhone XS Max:€361.10 iPhone XR:€221.10 iPhone 11:€221.10 iPhone 11 Pro:€311.10 iPhone 11 Pro Max:€361.10 iPhone SE (2nd generation):€151.10 iPhone 12 mini:€251.10 iPhone 12:€311.10 iPhone 12 Pro:€311.10 iPhone 12 Pro Max:€361.10

In case you have contracted the insurance AppleCare + , the screen repair of all devices costs 29 euros.

Prices in authorized SAT

Another of the most recommended ways to repair an iPhone or any other device from the Cupertino company that has an error, failure or damage is the authorized repair services, also better known as SAT. They include fully qualified professionals who, in addition, are authorized by Apple itself so that they can carry out the different repair processes required by the devices that customers or users bring to these centers. It is one of the best options for all those people who are not lucky enough to be able to go to an Apple Store, since for practical purposes these SATs are practically the same. Therefore, if you don't have an Apple Store nearby but you do have an establishment of this type, you don't have to worry because you will have the same guarantees that your iPhone will be in perfect condition.



This Premium Reseller stands out for being one of the best known of Apple, asking us to find stores throughout Spain. Prices for repairs from this vendor are the same as in Apple for the case of batteries. Therefore, we do not find any advantage or disadvantage in contracting the services of these stores, except for the proximity that you may have with them.

For the screens If we find some notable differences in prices:

    iPhone 5:€149 iPhone 5c:€149 iPhone 5s:€139 iPhone 6:€149 iPhone 6 Plus:€169 iPhone 6s:€169 iPhone 6s Plus:€189 iPhone SE (1st generation):€149 iPhone 7:€169 iPhone 7 Plus:€189 iPhone 8:€169 iPhone 8 Plus:€189 iPhone X:€309 iPhone XS:€309 iPhone XS Max:€359 iPhone XR:219 euros iPhone 11:219 euros iPhone 11 Pro:€309 iPhone 11 Pro Max:€359 iPhone SE (2nd generation):€149 iPhone 12 mini:€249 iPhone 12:€309 iPhone 12 Pro:€309 iPhone 12 Pro Max:€359

Rosellimac, Intecat and other Premium Reseller

All Apple Premium Reseller have authorized services for the replacement of parts such as batteries, screens and other components of the iPhone. Unfortunately, not all of them have an optimized website where you can check their prices, so we recommend that you go to them to check the budget. It should be noted that, on average, They have prices similar to Apple and K-Tuin.



This is one of the safest services to repair an iPhone, since it has pieces originals and technical specialists in the repair of all types of Apple products. The price list to repair the batteries is the following:

    iPhone 5c:49 euros iPhone 5s:55 euros iPhone 6:49 euros iPhone 6 Plus:49 euros iPhone 6s:49 euros iPhone 6s Plus:49 euros iPhone SE (1st generation):49 euros iPhone 7:49 euros iPhone 7 Plus:49 euros iPhone 8:49 euros iPhone 8 Plus:49 euros iPhone X:125 euros iPhone XS:125 euros iPhone XS Max:125 euros iPhone XR:125 euros iPhone 11:125 euros iPhone 11 Pro:125 euros iPhone 11 Pro Max:125 euros iPhone SE (2nd generation):49 euros iPhone 12 mini:125 euros iPhone 12:125 euros iPhone 12 Pro:125 euros iPhone 12 Pro Max:125 euros

For the screens We also find a discount on some models compared to Apple, being able to see this price list:

    iPhone 5:130 euros iPhone 5c:130 euros iPhone 5s:130 euros iPhone 6:145 euros iPhone 6 Plus:175 euros iPhone 6s:145 euros iPhone 6s Plus:175 euros iPhone SE (1st generation) :130 euros iPhone 7:145 euros iPhone 7 Plus:200 euros iPhone 8:145 euros iPhone 8 Plus:200 euros iPhone X:290 euros iPhone XS:290 euros iPhone XS Max:360 euros iPhone XR:220 euros iPhone 11:220 euros iPhone 11 Pro:290 euros iPhone 11 Pro Max:360 euros iPhone SE (2nd generation):145 euros iPhone 12 mini:235 euros iPhone 12:290 euros iPhone 12 Pro:290 euros iPhone 12 Pro Max:€375

Large area repair

The iPhone is a device that is sold in many stores, that is, you can not only buy it through the Apple Store. In this way, just as other surfaces can market the Apple smartphone, they also offer you that guarantee that you can use if your device is damaged. Therefore, it is another option that you have to consider if you need to repair your iPhone and, again, you do not have the possibility of taking it to an Apple Store or authorized SAT.



Worten is a well-known distributor of electronic devices that operates in many countries, including Spain. In addition to the sale, they are also dedicated to repair and according to their website, these are the prices to repair the battery from an iPhone:

    iPhone 4:€52.00 iPhone 5:€39.90 iPhone 5c:€39.90 iPhone 5s:€39.90 iPhone 6:€49.90 iPhone 6 Plus:€49.90 iPhone 6s:€49.90 iPhone 6s Plus:€49.90 iPhone SE:€39.90 iPhone 7:€49.90 iPhone 7 Plus:€54.90 iPhone 8:€74.90 iPhone 8 Plus:€79.90

For iPhone X and later there is no price list. We have contacted the brand and we have been informed that each location has a limited stock of batteries for these most recent iPhones, and the price may vary for each of them.

For repairs of screens We find this price list:

    iPhone 4:€61.00 iPhone 4s:€61.00 iPhone 5:€49.90 iPhone 5c:€49.90 iPhone 5s:€49.90 iPhone 6:€69.90 iPhone 6 Plus:€79.90 iPhone 6s:€69.90 iPhone 6s Plus:€79.90 iPhone SE (1st generation):€49.90 iPhone 7:€74.90 iPhone 7 Plus:€89.90 iPhone 8:€74.90 iPhone 8 Plus:€89.90 iPhone X:295,00 euros (Hard OLED) y 487,00 euros (original) iPhone XS:€416.9

For later models we have not been able to obtain information, and the store does not specify whether or not it repairs those models.

Clinic Fnac

This is what the technical services of the popular Fnac stores are called. In practically all stores there are these services, in which computers, tablets and mobile phones are repaired. The company has technicians specialized in iPhone , so we can safely leave an apple device there. Of course, they do not specify specific prices for each repair because they need to carry out a particular study of each case .

Media Markt

Mediamarkt is another of the best-known surfaces that has repair services. In this case, we know that the iPhone is repaired, including the batteries and screens that we are mentioning in this article. The most advisable thing is to go to a store and ask in person or, failing that, call those stores by phone to consult it.

Amazon has parts for iPhone

It is already known that in Amazon we can find everything, even parts for devices like the iPhone. However we must recognize that not always recommended go to the great shopping portal for these matters. The parts are usually not official and also the repair or replacement of a damaged part not only requires some skill, but also knowledge.

there are some cases in which it can help us Amazon, and it is for example for older iPhone whose use is not going to be excessive. In other words, if you have an iPhone 4 or similar at home and you want to use it as a second mobile or simply as a collection, you can find parts and tools in packs that are usually very cheap. But we insist on enhancing the skills and knowledge to be able to carry out these processes, since ordinary users usually do not have enough technical knowledge to be able to carry out this type of repair with the guarantee that the device remains in good working order. perfect state. Not only because the result is not as if it were original, but because of the risk it entails for the rest of the components with which you have to come into play and that can be damaged if the repair is not carried out correctly.

Repair warranty

Whether on Apple or any other surface mentioned in this post, it is guaranteed that during at least one year warranty will be available. This will allow a claim to be made and its consequent exchange or reimbursement in the event that the parts that have been repaired or replaced are defective. We recommend consulting the providers themselves about their conditions in this regard.