When is Universal Control coming to macOS Monterey? — 2022

Universal Control is the functionality that will allow Mac and iPad to unify accessories. With it, you can use the mouse and keyboard of the computer to operate the tablet as if it were a second monitor, but without it ceasing to be in iPadOS as is the case with the Sidecar function. It was featured as one of thewhat's new in macOS 12 Monterey, but… There is no trace of her. Why is she late? Will she finally arrive? We analyze it.

There was some hint in the early betas

The same day of the presentation of this and the rest of Apple's operating systems, the company published the first betas for developers. On that occasion this functionality of Universal Control did not appear, although in later versions there was some reference that allowed it to be forced, although without much success. The fact is that the final version of macOS Monterey, which ended up being 12.0.1 and not 12.0, came without this functionality.

All eyes were then on the macOS 12.1 beta that was released almost a month ago, having the third since this week. But it was like a jug of cold water, since in none of these three versions this functionality has been integrated and from Apple keep silent regarding when it will be available. And it is that, except for surprise, the day that macOS 12.1 is released to the public, Universal Control will not be there either.

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Why is it taking so long?

It is not the first time that Apple announces a novelty of an operating system and that it does not arrive in its first versions. In fact, in iOS 15 we find a good example with SharePlay, which was not integrated until iOS 15.1. Now, the fact that it was presented with great fanfare and yet no indications of its appearance have been given again worries many users.

Although we cannot confirm it, it would be excessively rare that this functionality does not finally arrive. Therefore, it is foreseeable that it will end up in early 2022 with macOS 12.2 or a similar version, once it can be ruled out that it doesn't really integrate into 12.1 at the last minute. The reasons why it has not been implemented are not yet known, but it is evident that it is some inconvenience that arose during development.

Despite looking very good in the demonstration made by Carl Federighi at WWDC 2021, it seems that Universal Control did not work quite well and was waiting for certain tweaks. We do not know the deadlines set internally for this and what is the exact problem that they are encountering, but it must be something important for it to be so long overdue.

For the company it is being a headache and for the enthusiastic users, a long waiting time with impatience. And in view of the situation that seems to be prolonged, this anguish will continue, so we will continue to be attentive to future betas and leaks that may shed a little more light on when we will finally see Universal Control on Macs.

You can see the demo made by Apple about this function in the minute 1:22:24 from the following video: