When should we give the first mobile to our children? — 2022

In these current times, in which technology seems to advance by more and more gigantic steps, It is very important to make our children aware of the proper use of mobile devices. In this way we will be able to prevent the smallest of the house from suffering the consequences of an erroneous use of the mobile phone and we will make them understand the usefulness of these devices that are so necessary today. But, at what age should a child or adolescent buy their first mobile?

This article is not just another news article like the ones we are used to offering you on Apple 5×1 , but this time we bring you a mixture of opinion and data with which we intend to help all those parents who are hesitating whether to buy a mobile phone for their child or, on the contrary, wait until they are somewhat older.

Something very important to keep in mind: the network hides hidden dangers

Although it is true that through the Internet we can do millions of things, it does not mean that everything is rosy or has a good purpose, and personally I think that each one will use the internet and technologies in general according to their interests. What I mean by this? It's simple, let's imagine that an adult wants to make a baked sea bass, because it turns out that with the simple fact of googling a little you will get countless recipes to be able to prepare said dish; but if that person, once he has finished eating his fish, decides that he wants to chat with 13-year-old girls pretending to be a boy his age, we find that he will not have much difficulty doing so either. This is what I mean when I say hidden dangers of the internet, that Just as a mobile device can be used to learn, to get information or for many other useful things, it can also be used to do harm if it falls into the wrong hands.

Grooming is the practice through which an adult gains the trust of a child through the network in order to abuse him. This is one of the things that unfortunately must be taken into account when buying a phone for our children.

This is just one of the many dangers that the network hides. And although it seems that there are no people capable of doing things like that, the fact is that they are there, taking advantage of the innocence and ignorance of the little ones to satisfy their darkest desires. That's why it's so It is important to educate our children in prevention, warn them of the existence of this type of danger and urge them to notify at home at the slightest suspicion that they are being victims of some type of abuse through their mobile devices.

And now yes, at what age is it advisable to buy my son's first mobile?

Experts recommend that they not be given the first mobile until they are 12 years old for two reasons: because from that age they begin to have greater independence and the time they spend away from their parents is increasing, with what is necessary that they have to communicate with them in case of need; Y because it is assumed that they are already entering a phase of their life in which they begin to assume certain responsibilities and to prepare for their adult life, so gradually learning the dangers that technologies hide and committing to make good use of them could be a good way to start preparing the way for that adult life full of responsibilities.

The average age at which children get their first mobile is 10.3 years, far from the figure recommended by experts.

In my case, my first mobile phone was given to me by my father when I was 14 years old and because I was going on a camping trip. I still remember that Sony Ericsson with nostalgia since it only served me to call and send messages, so as you can imagine, I wasn't as exposed to these dangers as today's children. In short, and as a personal opinion, I advise waiting until teenagers are at an age where they are already in the process of developing a sense of responsibility to give them their first mobile phone, because it will be easier for them to understand the dangers that this entails and for them to acquire a certain commitment and certain guidelines for use. This age can vary from one child to another, and of course it will be the responsibility of the parents to decide when they should take the step. I also think that it is not bad that it is the parents themselves who mark some hours of use and some guidelines that children must follow to avoid any type of problem.

At what age did you have your first mobile phone? If you have children What do you think is the best age to give them one? Let us know in the comments.