When do the iPad Pro 2021 arrive? Its possible release date — 2022

It has been several weeks since Apple introduced the new generation of iPad Pro but they have not yet reached the hands of users. The corresponding blind reservations could only be made since the company only stated that they would begin to arrive throughout May. Now the shipments are starting to update giving clues as to when it will start reaching users. In this article we tell you all the details about it.

New iPad Pros start shipping

The people who made the reservationnew iPad Pro 2021at the end of April they have already begun to receive good news of their purchase. Some buyers have already received the information that the order has already been shipped, going from the status of 'Preparing to send' to 'Sent'. Although it has already begun to be shipped, there is no official market launch date. The different rumors point to it being the next May 21th and coincides with this new information on the shipments that have begun to be made. At the moment they have only limited themselves to reporting that the launch will take place in the second half of May.

These practices are quite questionable by many users. This is because the buyers have made the reservations and do not know very well that they have been purchased since the corresponding reviews have not been published about these new products. It is possible that the correct strategy could have been to delay the reservation date so that it was closer to the launch of the device. It could be something totally understandable since currently, with the lack of components, it was difficult to meet some dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The iPad that will mark a before and after

This equipment is highly anticipated by many users due to the features that it ends up including. One of them is undoubtedly the new M1 chip that is integrated as we see in the new Macs that are on the market. In this way it is provided with enough power to be able to carry out those more professional tasks. Although you can not end up comparing the iPad with a Mac as if they were the same equipment with the difference of having a touch screen. The experience on both devices is totally different due to the operating system or the applications that are present as well as the use that can be given to it.

To this is also added a new really interesting miniLED screen that offers better image quality that is always appreciated on an iPad to be able to work in a more comfortable way. Right now we just have to wait for Apple to officially release this device to check all these features in a real experience. Today you have to be aware of the company's official communications regarding the official launch, although it seems that it is imminent seeing the new information that comes from the buyers.