WhatsApp will give the option to download everything it knows about you — 2022

After the latest Facebook scandal related to user privacy, all applications related to Mark Zuckerberg's company and others have gone to work to update their privacy policies to adapt to the new regulations of the European Union . In the last few hours we have learned of the decision to update WhatsApp's privacy policy, where They have made the decision to let us know everything this messaging service knows about us.

WhatsApp becomes more transparent to users

the company today has posted a post on his blog , where we see all the modifications that have been applied in order to comply with the new transparency legislation of the European Union to be approved in the month of May.

In these new conditions they have tried specifically r how users' personal data is processed and how they are protected on their servers to prevent leaks. This will make them much more transparent for users.

In addition, they have added in this blog post that in no case are they sharing our data with third parties or with Facebook , that is why your data is not being used to show advertising on Facebook.

In addition, the highlight of this update of its policies is that will give the possibility of downloading a report with everything they have stored about you just like it does Facebook o Google. This will end up reaching all users in the world in the coming weeks. The information that we expect to see in this report are messages to other people, IP addresses, locations, multimedia files that we have shared… Although we will be able to analyze it in detail when we have our report in front of us.


To request it, we must wait one or two weeks until it is implemented completely this advertised function. When it is available we will simply have to go to Settings > Account > Request account information. Once requested, they will inform us that we must wait Three days for the information to reach us.

This process will be canceled automatically if we delete the account, change the device or re-register WhatsApp, although at any time we can request it again . Once three days have elapsed since we have requested it, we will receive a notification informing us that we have the report available, although will be deleted in a few days from the servers , so don't leave it in the inkwell for a long time.

This report will be a simple .ZIP that we will download and that will contain, among other files, an HTML that we can open with any browser. All the information about it You can find it on the company blog and of course, when they activate this functionality we will analyze what data WhatsApp knows about us.

Leave us in the comment box that the applications decide to show everything they know about the user.